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Chris Simms: Jared Goff 'Not Very Good' Within Pocket

NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms has strong critiques of new Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff.

New Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff will certainly be under the microscope during his tenure in Motown. 

How instrumental was Goff to the Los Angeles Rams' offense that reached the Super Bowl? How culpable was the 26-year-old signal-caller when he morphed into a quarterback with a high turnover rate?

Former NFL quarterback and NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms is not as high on Goff as Detroit's current front office and coaching staff. 


In his ranking of the top 40 quarterbacks in the league, Simms ranked Goff No. 31, just two spots ahead of Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock.

On a recent episode of his "Unbuttoned" podcast, Simms noted, "We know he’s played in big games, but there’s a number of questions about Jared Goff, certainly. First off, no redeeming, unbelievable physical qualities or traits where you just go, 'Wow, what a great athlete.' Or 'Wow, what a great arm,' or 'wow, he can process and go through reads as quick as anybody in football.' There’s none of that. So, that’s why he’s 31 to me."

Simms went on to describe why the film he watched caused him to critique Goff's decision-making.

"As a pure pocket passer, I don’t like his decision making. I don’t like his control with the football, and I actually think he’s not very good within the pocket. So, that bothers me," said Simms. "The thing that bothers me more than anything -- for all his play, he doesn’t play the game like a really experienced quarterback.

"Just knowing the situation or knowing the game, don’t make this throw here. It's third-and-1, it’s a bootleg, you’re wide open, run and get the first down -- but, he throws the ball incomplete and they got to punt. There’s just too much of that in his game." 

Like many analysts, Simms believes Detroit's offense under offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn will feature a heavy dose of runs, boot-leg and play-action passes.

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"Obviously, you know you can win games with him. But, it has to be within a certain formula or a certain way, in my opinion," Simms said. "Listen, there is good arm strength. He can throw the ball hard and far. But, it’s one of the least catchable balls in the game, and it can be inaccurate at times."

As many expected would occur, Goff had his contract restructured by Detroit's front office; thus, ensuring he will be in Motown for at least two seasons. 

The Lions converted $20 million of Goff’s $25.325 million base salary for the upcoming season into a signing bonus. The decision allowed Goff to pocket $20 million immediately, while spreading his $20 million salary-cap hit across the next four seasons.

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