Predictions: Lions-Jaguars

Vito Chirco

Vito Chirco 

The Lions direly need a win coming off the bye week, sitting at just 1-3 going into their Week 6 matchup with the 1-4 Jacksonville Jaguars.

The key to victory for Detroit is stopping Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II.  

If the Lions do that, Jacksonville is a very beatable team. 

However, I don't see Matt Patricia's defense doing that enough down the stretch, ultimately costing the Lions in this one. Jaguars 30, Lions 23  

Logan Lamorandier 

These two teams are pretty evenly matched. Despite some nice young pieces, the Jaguars' defense has struggled, and the Lions need to take advantage on offense. 

It would be real nice to see Stafford get his 2019 groove back. 

Unfortunately, I don't think the Lions' defense can stop anybody. 

My prediction: Stafford will drive the Lions to a go-ahead score late to only have the Lions' defense give the game up in the final seconds. Jaguars 30, Lions 27

John Maakaron 

The Lions have to be coming into this game feeling very desperate. 

At 1-3, Detroit has struggled to establish its identity. 

Detroit will look towards taking advantage of the Jaguars' struggling defense. 

For Jacksonville, there are offensive weapons, but quarterback Gardner Minshew must work toward protecting the football and not allowing Detroit to dictate the pace of play.

I believe the Lions will take advantage of the Jaguars' youth on defense early and often, and ultimately come out on top in this one. Lions 37, Jaguars 34

Adam Strozynski 

This game has ugly written all over it. 

Both defenses couldn't cover your bald spot if they were a hat. You'd expect these offenses to take advantage of that. 

I'm not sure that happens, though. I think the offenses stumble out of the gate, making the defenses look better than they are. 

In the end, there is more magic in Garner Minshew's mustache than in Matthew Stafford's arm. 

Jacksonville rolls behind a two-TD, 315-yard day of the jean short-wearing, mustache man. Jaguars 24, Lions 17

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Lions 30 Jaguars 17