Lions Opt Out of Voluntary Workouts

The Detroit Lions join Denver, Seattle and Tampa Bay as teams that will not participate in voluntary workouts.

The Detroit Lions have decided not to participate in voluntary workouts set to begin on April 19. 

"With the voluntary workout period starting shortly and no acceptable resolution to our union's negotiation with the NFL over comprehensive COVID-19 protocols, we will be exercising our CBA right not to attend voluntary workouts. We know our home state of Michigan continues to get hit hard by the pandemic and based on the continuing guidance of medical experts, it is everyone's best interests to play it safe again this offseason," the NFLPA wrote in a statement Wednesday. 

The statement further read, "Players on our team are proud to support other players across the league in making an informed decision about their health and safety, guided by the facts and support from our union."

Despite the league wanting a return to how things operated prior to the global pandemic, NFLPA president JC Tretter has come out and expressed that the union will encourage players not to report to voluntary in-person workouts due to safety concerns. 

Scheduled meetings will take place on a remote basis, but players have the ability to work out at team facilities in small groups.

Michigan continues to struggle with containing the spread of the coronavirus, despite widespread vaccination efforts locally and nationally. 

The Lions join the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as teams that will not participate in voluntary workouts.

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