Should Lions Players Participate in Voluntary Offseason Workouts?

The players on the Denver Broncos' roster have decided not to participate in voluntary workouts.

The National Football League has announced that offseason programs can begin on April 19. 

Meetings will take place on a remote basis, but players have the ability to work out at team facilities in small groups. 

Despite the league wanting a return to how things operated prior to the global pandemic, NFLPA president JC Tretter has come out and expressed that the union will encourage players not to report to voluntary in-person workouts due to safety concerns. 

On Tuesday, the Denver Broncos announced that they will not participate in any voluntary offseason workouts.

“Playing in the NFL is a dream of our players who work tirelessly year-round to perform in America’s greatest game. With offseason programs starting in less than a week and without adequate protocols in place in order for us players to return safely, we will be exercising our right to not participate in voluntary offseason workouts," the statement said. "COVID-19 remains a serious threat to our families and to our communities, and it makes no sense to us as players to put ourselves at risk during this dead period. Positivity rates in our city are higher than they were at this time last year and we know players have been infected at club facilities in recent weeks. Despite having a completely virtual offseason last year, the quality of play across the NFL was better than ever by almost every measure. We hope players across the NFL work with our union as we did to get all of the facts so every player can make an informed decision.”


Despite record numbers of people being vaccinated, Michigan continues to see surges in the number of new cases of the coronavirus. 

Do you think that members of the Lions' roster should follow suit and avoid participating in voluntary offseason workouts?

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