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Frank Ragnow 'Ultimate Football Guy' for Playing with Fractured Throat

Fans on social media stunned, curious and amazed Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow played NFL game with a fractured throat.

The report that Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow played the final three quarters against the Green Bay Packers with a fractured throat sent shockwaves reverberating all across social media. 

For one, not many individuals were even aware that type of injury was possible.   

Ragnow signaled to his teammates that he lost his voice early in the first quarter, and did not miss a snap the remainder of the game.

"He came up to me early in the game, and was very hoarse and kind of faint sounding and was like, 'I can’t really talk right now. I can’t really talk, just to let you know. Just make sure you’re communicating with everybody up front even more than (you) normally would,'" Matthew Stafford said regarding Ragnow on Wednesday. "So, it was kind of crazy, but it was good. Didn’t have any communication issues the rest of the game, really."

The reactions online were of amazement, praise and sheer confusion regarding what the injury entailed and how a player could suffer that type of injury and remain in a football game without missing a beat. 

Here is a sample of the reaction to Ragnow's 'utlimate football guy' performance in Week 14 against Green Bay. 

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