Darrell Bevell Explains How He Plans to Use Running Back Rotation

Read more on how offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell plans to use rookie running back D'Andre Swift along with the other running backs on the Detroit Lions' roster

Rookie running back D'Andre Swift had a standout performance this past Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Swift, Detroit's 2020 second-round draft pick, rushed for 116 yards and two touchdowns in the Week 6 contest.

He became the first Lions rookie back to surpass 100 rushing yards with two touchdowns since Barry Sanders accomplished the feat back in 1989. 

The accolades have since followed, as Swift is one of five players that has been nominated for the Week 6 Pepsi Rookie of the Week.

With the high expectations that are levied against any rising, young star, there are certainly always calls by supporters and media members to increase the workload of that particular player.

The same now can be said about Swift, as he appears to be Detroit's most talented running back. 

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell addressed during his weekly media session Tuesday how he balances divvying up carries among Swift, Adrian Peterson and Kerryon Johnson.

Detroit Lions rorunning back D'Andre Swift

Detroit Lions rorunning back D'Andre Swift

"We kind of go in with a plan, and then, as the game goes along, you have to have a feel for the game," Bevell explained. "And so Adrian (Peterson) goes in with the first bit of carries. But, everybody has kind of specific roles or even specific plays. I'll even call the personnel with a guy's number on it, and send that specific person in the game, because that's a play that we want that individual to get."

Bevell then elaborated on Peterson getting the starting nod and how the game situation dictated how the carries were given out.   

"So, Adrian (Peterson) gets the start. And then from there, we kind of have numbers all over the gameplan for specific plays. It could be just, I guess, situational plays is probably the best way to describe it. Kerryon (Johnson) is kind of our third-down guy, our third-down runner, our third-down protection back. And then, as you're just watching it, you're trying to get a feel for how it's going," Bevell said.

Bevell was complementary of Swift's performance, and explained that the rookie back earned a couple more carries based on seeing the field well throughout the game. 

"Swift was really running the ball well. He got some nice blocks up front, and was able to take advantage of them -- particularly on the big, long run. I think really any of the guys might have had that opportunity to hit that hole. But, obviously, he (Swift) did. He did it well. There was a couple of really nice runs for him -- particularly on our wide zones -- on which he made some nice cuts, had some really good reads. And I think from that point, we gave a couple of extra carries because he was running it and seeing it so well," Bevell added. 

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