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Cam Jordan's Partnership With BODYARMOR Producing Fruit in Community

Saints' Cam Jordan eventually met the right people at BODYARMOR, and it has led to a strong partnership to help impact the youth in the community.

Cam Jordan joined Saints News Network recently to talk about his partnership with BODYARMOR and the impact that he's made in the community, as well as some things related to the team. We'll look at the Saints side of things in a separate column, as it's always important to remember how giving back makes a big difference greater than football.

"I don't even know how we got hooked up with BODYARMOR," Jordan joked. "I feel like I've been drinking the BODYARMOR LYTEs longer than I've had a connection with BODYARMOR." 

Somehow it fell into meeting the right people, and the partnership has been rocking since to help produce fruits in the local community.  

"They're supportive in almost all my endeavors in terms of whether I'm giving back to the community or having a football camp. They show up and show out."

The partnership turned into BODYARMOR handing out one of 20 $15,000 donations to local Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana on the Westbank in February. In late June, Jordan also hosted his annual Youth Football Camp in New Orleans. He also pledged $40,000 to the Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans after Hurricane Ida hit and greatly affected the region. Partnering with Jameis Winston, the two are also working on Support for NOLA, an effort to help raise support for the New Orleans community.

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"I'm always trying to do something," Jordan said.

"I mean we talk about the Boys and Girls Club. It's between them and the Youth Empowerment Program. It's just trying to give back to the next generation and letting them see somebody who cares about the community, someone who cares about them that has been in a position who they may look up to in terms of being an athlete."

"That's what being able to use my platform is all about is just trying to trying not to connect with the next generation or the younger generation, but it's about trying to make what we do be evermore clear that they can be a role model and they don't have to be just an athlete to be that. They can always just be someone who cares about the community and is trying to give back and realize that positivity begets positivity."

Jordan says his perspective that he wants to help get students an ACT score of 28-30 and get them into a high profile college like the University of California, Berkeley to help pave a better path down the road. 

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