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Devin Bush's Crash Course on Social Media Doing More Harm Than Good

Devin Bush's latest rant on Twitter again shines a non-needed light on the Pittsburgh Steelers. A light the organization knows all too well.

Whoever coined the phrase "there is no such thing as bad publicity" clearly left the world of professional football out of their intentions.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush has thrown himself into headlines in the last few days thanks to the numerous amount of questionable tweets he's put out for the world to see. Those tweets, ranging from trying to gather money via his Venmo account to a gut-churning video of a cat falling numerous stories, have drawn attention to both Bush and the Steelers in the worst of ways.

The Steelers' track record with social media isn't kind. From Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell pushing send on tweets in a very similar fashion to what we're in the midst of seeing Bush currently do, to TikTok's of JuJu Smith-Schuster (The Browns is the Browns) and Chase Claypool telling the world Cleveland would get clapped by Kansas City in the playoffs after just doing the same thing to his own team the prior weekend. Unpopular opinions spewed by those in black and gold can even be traced back to Rashard Mendenhall's personal views on Osama Bin Laden.

Was Devin Bush hacked? A series of tweets asking for $20 to be sent to a Venmo account that displayed neither his name nor profile picture (it's a dog) does raise curiosity, and when taking into account all of his Instagram posts have been deleted, the possibility of Bush's accounts being compromised certainly exists. 

Could Bush simply be bored and looking to stir the pot? Absolutely, and that's likely the case. Bush removed the ability to reply to his tweets on Monday morning and continued his efforts that were only matched by American hero Joey Chestnut downing 70 hot dogs in the annual July 4 hot dog eating contest. 

Bush's teammates likely know the aforementioned point. 

Banner's tweet suggests Bush is out of town prior to the Steelers reporting to training camp in just a few weeks. Could Bush simply be enjoying himself on vacation, or should Steelers fans be legitimately concerned? 

Regardless of Bush's intentions through the last few days, nothing good for either Bush or the team can possibly stem from this. As it stands, Bush's likeability and image took a definite hit over the weekend. The Steelers, a team unfortunately synonymous with social media and its downsides, also feels that hit as well. 

What many former Steelers have found, and what Bush is about to learn, is the internet lasts forever. Tweets can be deleted. Football games can be played. However, Bush's reputation among Steelers fans won't quite be on the same level as before. 

Here's to hoping either the Steelers PR team or Bush's representation is able to slow the train down before it truly escapes the rails. That, of course, is assuming Bush isn't just a bored 22-year-old with a phone in his hand and nothing but time. 

Yet the fact that we have to debate whether or not a professional football player's words or thoughts made publicly available to every person in the world with internet access is the very reason this is a problem, to begin with. 

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Donnie Druin is a Deputy Editor with AllSteelers. Follow Donnie on Twitter @DonnieDruin, and AllSteelers @si_steelers.

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