Steelers Could Add Two Big Name Cornerbacks

The Pittsburgh Steelers have two big name options they could bring in.
Detroit Lions cornerback Cam Sutton celebrates a play against the Chicago Bears during the first
Detroit Lions cornerback Cam Sutton celebrates a play against the Chicago Bears during the first / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers still need a slot cornerback. They also need a reliable backup behind Joey Porter Jr. and Donte Jackson. And while Cory Trice Jr. and Beanie Bishop are exciting young options, they aren't who the team will lean on heading into the season.

Both Trice and Bishop could be pieces to the Steelers defense moving forward, but in 2024, with the team hunting for a Super Bowl, it's unlikely they make much impact. Instead, the Steelers will look elsewhere, with several names still on the open market.

Two who stand out may make too much sense to avoid. The first is Cam Sutton, who many realize could return to Pittsburgh after spending last season with the Detroit Lions. Yes, there are legal troubles that could keep him off the field for a portion of the 2024 season, but at 29-years-old, Sutton is very much so an option for the Steelers.

Chances are, he's their top option.

The next is another All-Pro from the AFC. Former Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard is still waiting to be signed. Despite injuries over the last few years, Howard has plenty left in the tank, and when healthy and on the field, has produced 29 interceptions throughout his career.

If Sutton is the team's starting slot cornerback, Howard is their CB3 on the outside. A healthy rotation between him and Jackson, with Porter Jr. developing into their shutdown starter, leaves Pittsburgh with plenty of reliable names to their disposal.

This gives plenty of mentors to a younger group of Porter Jr., Bishop, Trice and Darius Rush. It allows rookie Ryan Watts to play where he's most comfortable, which is likely the safety position. And it ends the debate of which inexperienced cornerback will start for the Steelers this season.

Both Sutton and Howard will be cheap. The Steelers are sitting on plenty of cap space and have a glaring need at corner. Once filled, they can focus on wide receiver and outside linebacker. But it's better to clear up one issue instead of waiting to fill all three at once.

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