Here's How Much Teams Are Offering Texans Ex J.J. Watt

Former Houston Texan J.J. Watt has reportedly identified his top three destinations - and the offers are rolling in
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We think we know the interested teams.

And now we think we know the offers.

Few players have garnered as much attention this offseason as J.J. Watt, with the former Houston Texans defensive end a free agent for the first time in his storied NFL career. 

According to reporter John Clayton, Watt has narrowed his options down to just three finalists. And according to reporter Dianna Russini, Watt has his offers in hand.

Writes ESPN's Russini: "Watt has received several offers from teams. The best offer he has received right now is between $15-16 million per year, per sources.

Meanwhile, reports Clayton, "I think it’s going to be Tennessee, Buffalo, or Green Bay, probably more Tennessee or Green Bay. Outside chance of the Raiders."

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Given that Watt will be 32 by the time the 2021 season kicks off, it comes as no surprise that he is taking his time choosing his new, and likely final team. Also, Watt has never been shy in admitting he wants to win a Super Bowl before retiring, lending more credence to his supposed top three.

The Packers and Bills both made it to their respective Championship games last season, while the Titans won the AFC South. 

Green Bay makes the most sense given that he's a Wisconsin native, was a Badger in college, and supported the Packers growing up. has been told by a source close to the situation that Green Bay represents a "likely'' choice. 

The Bills are arguably the most well-rounded team of the three and therefore also offer a very real shot at winning the Lombardi. 

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Meanwhile, Tennessee is coached by his former defensive coordinator and long-time coach with the Texans Mike Vrabel, who himself has built an extremely competitive team that only really lacks a consistent pass rusher.

The biggest surprise is seeing Las Vegas listed as an option, given that they missed out on the playoffs entirely in 2020. Finishing 8-8 in arguably one of the tougher divisions in the league, the Raiders are going to have to improve dramatically if they are to beat their divisional rivals the Kansas City Chiefs to a title. 

Regardless, it's hard to imagine the Packers aren't his favored destination at this point - especially with reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers at the helm. And given that Watt was scheduled to make about $17 million this year before his release from Houston? The all-time great Texan is about to have his shot at it all.

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