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Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa

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Three quarterbacks, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert were selected in the top six picks during the 2020 NFL Draft, but where should they get picked in rookie only dynasty fantasy football drafts? That’s the question we asked Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analyst Frank Taddeo and AllBengals writer James Rapien. 

Dynasty league players that only draft rookies each year are typically looking for a stud running back with potential to have a long career or a breakout wide receiver in the making. With more than a dozen quarterbacks capable of producing quality fantasy football statistics, it should come as no surprise to see passers fall out of the first round of rookie only drafts. But given this year’s class of talented signal-callers, 2020 might be an exception.

Read the transcript from Taddeo and Rapien’s conversation.

Bill Enright: Joe Burrow may have been the first quarterback drafted in 2020, but now let's find out where he and the other rookie quarterbacks rank on Sports Illustrated's fantasy football dynasty rankings. Let's bring on SI fantasy analyst Frank Taddeo, and AllBengals editor James Rapien. James, I'm going to start with you, because Burrow was the first pick and the first quarterback taken in this year's draft. When it comes to Dynasty Fantasy Football, you know, quarterbacks don't always go that high. Typically running backs and wide receivers go, but from what I understand, you said Burrow went 12th overall in one of your leagues.

James Rapien: He did, and it's a Cincinnati based league, so there may be a little bit of bias there, but I think there is a lot of optimism that Joe Burrow can have early fantasy value. And you look at the weapons around him and it's hard to debate that. If AJ Green is healthy, has he ever had a quarterback with the upside of Joe Burrow? I don't think at any point during Andy Dalton's nine year career did we think he had upside to be as good as Joe Burrow, even as a rookie. So I think when you look at the weapons, AJ Green, they drafted Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd back to back one thousand yard seasons, a former top 10 pick in John Ross, Auden Tate might be the best fifth wide receiver in the NFL. So Joe Burrow, from a weapons standpoint, is set up for success in year one.

Bill Enright: Again, we are talking rookie only drafts. So let's focus on some of the other quarterbacks, Give us some analysis on guys like Tua Tagovailoa, Jordan Love, Jalen Hurts. Any of them going to make an impact in fantasy football in 2020?

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, well, I think the guy that really jumps off the page for me and year one would probably be Justin Herbert. I'm not really sold that Tyrod Taylor can be the guy that the Chargers need to go to the next level. I actually envision there's going to be a point in this season where Herbert actually takes the job, if not, maybe even wins it in training camp if they can come back and get enough practices under his belt. But if there's a chance for a guy to really jump off the page in year one for me, it's Herbert. I'm not really so sure that Tua is really going to have the opportunity in 2020 for the Miami Dolphins. I think he's actually gonna be a guy that maybe they're going to look to bring along slowly due to that hip injury. We know they already have a veteran that's very capable in terms of Ryan Fitzpatrick, to be able to lead the team. But for me, Tua is the guy in dynasty leagues, he's a guy that I actually would let other owners more or less invest the draft capital in. And then if I see that he actually outperforms my early expectations, and can come back strong from that hip injury, then that's a guy that you would want to target in terms of maybe a trade down the line. But for me, it's Burrow and Herbert this year that I would really be looking to target in dynasty leagues, Bill.