76ers Could be Darkhorse in the Eastern Conference Playoffs

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Currently sitting in the sixth seed with a 39-26 record in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, the 76ers look poised to make a deep run in the NBA Playoffs. According to FanDuel sportsbook, Philadelphia has odds of +900 to win the East and +2700 to win the NBA Finals. But gamblers shouldn’t get ahead of themselves too much as the 76ers would need to blow past the Bucks and Raptors, both of which are the heavy favorites to meet in the Eastern Conference finals.

Can Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid lead Philadelphia to a magical playoff run? Sports Illustrated’s NBA gambling analysts Corey Parson weighs in.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: The NBA's futures betting market is back and we are breaking down the Philadelphia 76ers. Joining me now is SI fantasy and gambling analyst, Corey Parson. Corey, on July 22nd, teams will report to Orlando. How do you think 76ers will do in the playoff bubble?

Joel Embiid drives against the Raptors

Corey Parson: Well, when you look at what the 76ers were doing during the season, listen, we know Philadelphia's extremely talented team; guys like Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris. The problem with their regular season is whenever they went on the road, they would lose all of their games. Matter of fact, the Philadelphia 76ers have 10 road wins on this season. The Knicks also have 10. That's not a spot that you want to be in. Now, when you get inside this bubble, though, things could be different. First of all, we're in a pandemic right now, so you have a situation where people in their house, they are focused, working on their game, getting in their playbook. You get down there in that bubble, you can't bring a Kardashian with you in that bubble, Ben Simmons. Joel Embiid, you can't go out and play pickup games with kids in Orlando. In that bubble, only focus and practice. A team as talented as the Philadelphia 76ers, it'd be very interesting to see what they can do. I think there'll be an underdog a lot and I'm going to bet on him. So I like the 76ers at the batting team when they get inside the bubble.

Kaitlin O'Toole: All right, Corey. Thanks so much for your insight on this. I appreciate it.