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"We Want Evan To Take All The Shots:" J.B. Bickerstaff On Mobley's Recent Success

Evan Mobley has begun to attempt more three-pointers making him a more prominent part of Cleveland's offense.
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Evan Mobley is a special talent. He's a seven-footer who has a soft touch in the paint, fantastic footwork, is smart on defense, and has the potential to be a great shooter too.

He's really starting to find his groove over the last few games as well. 

Mobley had a fantastic stretch during Cleveland's road trip to Milwaukee, Detroit, and Toronto despite the team not playing all that well. He had back-to-back double-doubles against the Pistons and Raptors while shooting efficiently from the field. 

One part of Mobley's game that has started to come alive over the last few games is his three-point shooting. Mobley is averaging just under one three-point attempt a night but he's attempted eight of them over the last four games. 

J.B. Bickerstaff had this to say about Mobley starting to extend his range:

"We want Evan to take all the shots. There's not a spot on the floor where we don't feel comfortable with him the ball in his hands and the space that he can create and take ... We want him to flourish because that's what he's capable of. 

One thing I think it's also important to add is that none of these threes are being forced. They are taken within the offense that the Cavs run which is important to consider whether they go in or not.

Mobley is only shooting threes at a .200 rate this season so there is definitely work that still needs to be done in order to make this a threat in his game. However, if Mobley can become ever a  35 percent three-point shooter it will open up unlimited possibilities for what he can do offensively. 


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