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Did Kyle Shanahan Hint That the 49ers Will Draft Mac Jones?

Kyle Shanahan has an interesting quote from Monday's press conference that could have hinted that the 49ers are drafting Mac Jones.

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch held their pre-draft presser on Monday.

Not too much was revealed during the presser, aside from the fact that Shanahan "can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive Sunday" in regards to Jimmy Garoppolo remaining on the roster following the draft. His words.

However, there is an interesting quote from Shanahan in regards to the anxiety of 49ers fans should Jones be taken No.3

"Everyone's excited to draft a quarterback," said Shanahan. "If you would have been excited about one of these guys at 12, then you should be excited at three. It's about whether you get one. So, let us go through the process. We're going to get a good one. Yeah, I wish I could take that anxiety away from people, but that's because people get excited."

Did Shanahan hint that the 49ers will draft Jones?

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Possibly. It is certainly a talking point. It is almost like Shanahan is telling fans "Don't worry! This kid (Jones) is going to be great with us. Have faith." Otherwise, why would Shanahan want to remove the "anxiety" from fans if Jones isn't going to be the pick? Perhaps he was just referring to the overall process because it is a situation that is pushing fans to the brink of madness. 

While it is an interesting quote, I don't believe Shanahan tipped his hand at all. If anything, the whole press conference Shanahan was giving some bizarre answers. It was almost like he was purposely there to mess with those paying attention and was having fun with it.

Remember, this presser was originally only going to be with Lynch. It wasn't until an hour before that Shanahan suddenly got added. He could have just saw it as a moment to relish and continue to confound everyone who believes they know who the 49ers are going to draft. Shanahan knows how to manipulate these things. He's not a novice with the media, so of course he would want to pull the strings and stir the pot.

Plus, I have remained adamant that the NFL doesn't want the 49ers to leak their pick or give much hint to it anyways. The biggest story going into the draft on Thursday is undoubtedly what the 49ers will do with the third pick. Trevor Lawrence going first is a lock and Zach Wilson seems close to that at second as well. That makes the 49ers THE team to watch on Thursday.

Monday's pre-draft presser didn't tell us much, which was to be expected. There were no hints as to who they were going to draft, just Shanahan looking to keep his stiff arm up at everyone who continues to guess the No. 3 pick.