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Trey Lance Starting Off on Right Foot in Lead Up to 49ers Training Camp

Kyle Shanahan is liking what he sees from Trey Lance as the 49ers lead up to training camp.

OTAs came to an abrupt halt for the 49ers.

Seven practices is all they will have tallied up following the cancellation of minicamp, but at least they were able to get some field work done as opposed to last year. This greatly benefits Trey Lance who is expected to show some strides when the team reconvenes at the end of July. So far, Lance is starting off on the right foot in lead up to 49ers training camp.

“I think he did a good job,” said Shanahan. “I mean, just being able to throw everything at him, you know, we got through the whole installation and be able to do that. You know, there's a process of it. Some days you do good, some days you do bad, but there's a whole up and down with it that is necessary for a guy to go through. So you can get those reps, soak it in, have an idea of what it feels like. Now we have tape to show him, tape to talk to him about, he gets to get away on his own and have an idea of what's expected out of him when he gets back."

Lance’s main goal to be ready for training camp is to have a firm grasp of the playbook. Shanahan will not be able to throw him in a variety of situations in practice if he is not soaking up the offense. A quarterback competition is not a guarantee. If Lance shows up and still needs a lot to embed himself in, then he has no shot. The next month and a half will be a major leap for him in his potential to start this season.

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For the 49ers sake, they need Lance to be ready to roll when training camp kicks off. Not only will it be a fantastic sign that Lance is coming along nicely, but it will push Jimmy Garoppolo to be at his best. If a Super Bowl loss didn’t motivate Garoppolo, his job and potentially his starting career overall being on the line should be able to give him that chip on his shoulder. 

This is all plays into the hands of the 49ers in the end.