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Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Fighting Back at Washington Post

As efforts to force Snyder into testifying increase, so too does his intention to go down fighting

If Congress, the fan base, sponsors, media, or the NFL itself is going to get Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder out of the league, the embattled co-CEO isn't going to make it easy on anyone. 

In fact, it's highly possible he actually feels like the victim in this whole saga filled with its stacks of accusations, testimony, and subponeas. 

And as we tend to be, the media has been front and center for the whole thing making sure to communicate the latest developments along with some opinions or analyses of what might come next. 

Do some of us go too far? Perhaps. But then, that would be in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. 

While some think the coverage has gone too far, some want to know even more or why enough hasn't been quite enough yet. 

Count Snyder in the crowd thinking media coverage of his plight has crossed the line this time. At least, the Washington Post has. 

“Despite Mr. Snyder’s continued apologies and regret for the historical problems that arose at the team, The Washington Post goes out of its way to assail his character and ignore the successful efforts by both Dan and Tanya Snyder, together with Jason Wright and Coach Ron Rivera, for over the past two years to bring about a remarkable transformation to the organization,” a spokesperson for Snyder said in a statement released to - ironically enough - The Washington Post. “The Snyders will continue to focus on their league-leading fight to bring greater respect and much-needed diversity and equality to the workplace in the face of constant and baseless attacks from the media and elsewhere.”

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Of course, the issue isn't pertaining to whether or not Snyder or the Washington Commanders under the leadership of team president Jason Wright or coach Ron Rivera have put the franchise on a better path. The issue, as much as he or they may not appreciate it, is the lack of accountability stemming from the transgressions of the past. 

Like it or not, there appear to be very real victims who felt the burden of toxic - and potentially illegal - workplace practices under the ownership of Dan Snyder.

Good deeds since being exposed won't simply gloss over the grime laid on the floors of the organization's past. 

And until he appears to answer for allegations, either through proof of wrongful accusation or acts of real penance - forced or otherwise - this isn't going away. 

Not for the Washington Commanders, and most certainly not for Dan Snyder himself.