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Offseason Grade: Commanders Change Course After Getting 'Stung' in 2021 - PFF

As expected, a lower grade than most, but is it warranted?

The Washington Commanders entered the offseason with a pretty clear vision for what they wanted to accomplish. 

From the outside looking in, it seems the priorities were getting healthy, filling capabilities gaps in the offense, and upgrading the quarterback position. 

Curtis Samuel
Brian Robinson Jr. 3
Wentz Talks Trade  Career and Criticism

And honestly, outside of the linebacker position, those are viewed by most as the top three needs for Washington dating back to the end of the 2021 NFL Season. 

That season, born under a bright light of hype and expectation, was an all-out failure. 

No matter who or what you blame, nobody came out of last year satisfied. 

And those struggles seem to have inspired the 2022 offseason, leading to what many views as questionable decisions and a C- letter grade from Pro Football Focus. 

"Washington feels like the team that was stung by a bad outcome to a good process last offseason and were determined to go in a different direction," says PFF. "Without much concern for what that direction was. With a good roster a season ago that had no real chance at an elite quarterback, the Commanders signed Ryan Fitzpatrick...(who) was injured early and the season unraveled, causing them to jump at the chance to trade for Carson Wentz as an alternative."

No doubt Washington's search for a legitimate starting quarterback has been one of the biggest puzzles the team has yet to solve. 

Whether or not Wentz will be the piece that unlocks the roster's potential is still to be seen, but most already have the future set in their minds, and it isn't good. 

"Wentz being desperately shopped by a staff that just put their hopes on him a year before should probably have been a fairly significant warning sign," PFF said. "But the team evidently felt it had little choice."

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There's no question Wentz brings plenty of baggage with him from Philadelphia by way of Indianapolis. 

But there's also no question that this quarterback is an arm talent and ability upgrade over the team's previous starters. Not just last year's, but all of them, for more years than we care to count. 

The questions surrounding Wentz loom large, and while valid are all things that can be fixed with new relationships, leadership styles, and personal growth. 

What Wentz needs for the team to be successful that can't be coached - athletic ability - he has. 

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles
Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts
Carson Wentz

That addition and the selections of players that fill key roles on a team with plenty to cast anew - even if we didn't have those players ranked highly on our pre-draft mock boards - feels like a success. 

Feels like more than a C-. 

But for Pro Football Focus their perceptions of the moves, not the potential of them, drive the narrative of acquisition values. 

I prefer to weigh intent, but these aren't my offseason grades for the Washington Commanders we're talking about.

But those are coming as well.