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'It Is What It Is': Commanders QB Carson Wentz Responds to Colts Owner Jim Irsay's Comments

Taking the high road, Wentz admits surprise, but doesn't fire back

Breakups are usually unpleasant, but they get nasty when they take place in the court of public opinion as the one between Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz and the Indianapolis Colts did. 

Carson Wentz, Colts
Carson Wentz, Colts, Jaguars
Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts

And the worst thing about breakups is when one side realizes the other has nothing but negative memories of their time together. 

Something Colts owner Jim Irsay conveyed earlier this offseason in an interview with the Indy Star

"I think the worst thing you can do is have a mistake and try to keep living with it going forward," Irsay said in the interview. "For us, it was something we had to move away from as a franchise. It was very obvious."

Wentz doesn't remember his year with the Colts as a mistake though. Speaking about the comments and his time in Indianapolis on The Colin Cowherd Podcast, the quarterback had nicer things to say than his former employer. 

"I didn't expect things to unfold the way they did," Wentz said about his departure from Indianapolis. "I thought things were in a pretty good place there. I had awesome relationships with every single person in that building. I can't say enough good things about the people over there. It kinda came out of left field."

Out of left field. Certainly doesn't sound like Wentz was ever aware the owner of the team was in the midst of a year-long mistake. 

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It would be easy for Wentz to be bitter about the way things ended. And to harbor some ill will against the organization. And perhaps, behind closed doors, he does. 

He is human after all, and who likes being shipped away unceremoniously while your former employers and leaders take every chance they have to dump dirt on your name?

Regardless, Wentz took the high road, sharing his thoughts about Irsay's words by turning the microscope on himself. 

"It is what it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion," Wentz said. "I thought last year was a really fun year. I thought we did some incredible things, but we came up short at the end - obviously. I struggled down the stretch there and timing was poor."

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz
mclaurin wentz

The timing may have been poor, but Washington is hoping all of this drama from Indianapolis leads to a resurrection of winning for Wentz and his new franchise. 

That the cloud following their new quarterback from his time with the Philadelphia Eagles, picking up debris with the Indianapolis Colts, will be the storm that pushes out the one already lingering over Washington Commanders football. 

And that Jim Irsay's biggest mistake will find his biggest mistake wasn't bringing Wentz to his franchise but making the emotional decision to cast him aside.