Marvin Jones Jr. Takes Private Jet to Purchase First Family Pet

John Maakaron

We have all heard a story or two about what individuals will go through for their beloved pets. 

For Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones, the pursuit of a family pet included flying on a private jet for the first time.

"Yes, I took a plane to Oregon to get a dog," Jones admitted Thursday during a video conference. 

"People who know me know I'm not really an animal person. My wife and my kids are definitely animal people, and have been asking me for a dog for a while. I really like Dobermans. We got a European Doberman. It had to be like a specific dog for me," he said. "Eight or so months ago, we put in for a European Doberman. So, he was ready. But, he's like nine weeks now. So yeah, we flew to Oregon to pick him up."

Jones explained why it was necessary to take such great lengths to purchase the family's first pet. 

"Just because it's our first dog. We didn't want to drive over there -- 20 something hours -- to pick up the dog, because that was for me. So, we flew out that day. We spent an hour over there, had some wine with the people and then. took right back off. But, I told my wife -- this is already an expensive dog."

For those curious, the Jones' first family dog is named Fuego.


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Comments (3)
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I would spare no expense for a dog that adorable. Fuego is going to make Marvin and his family happy for years to come

John Maakaron
John Maakaron


That was some revelation in the media session! He was pretty specific on what he wanted. It
was surprising to me he had never flown private before -- Stafford's fly private all the time


Fuego must be one hell of a family pet! European Dobermans are amazingly special.
A cousin of mine has one and the photos/videos they post are stunning