Nate Burleson's Biggest Career Regret: 'Trying to Save That Pizza While Driving'

John Maakaron

Back in 2013, one of the leading receivers for the Detroit Lions was current NFL analyst and rising media star Nate Burleson.

In an early morning auto accident in September of 2013, Burleson suffered a broken arm. 

According to reports, Burleson was driving on I-696 after watching “Monday Night Football” with teammates. 

He suffered the arm injury after failing to catch an object that fell off of his seat. 

It was later revealed that the veteran wide receiver was trying to save a pizza.

When asked recently what his biggest career regret was, the "Good Morning Football" host explained why the accident was the biggest regret of his career.

As Burleson explained,  

"My biggest regret? Trying to save that pizza while driving. I'm dead serious. I swerved three or four times during that 2013 incident and remember getting out of the car to check my legs. There was a short sigh of relief when I realized my legs were fine, but that's when I noticed my arm was broken (an injury that required surgery). I looked down and remember saying out loud, 'I just messed up OUR season.'

Who knows how that season would've played out or how many more years I would've been in the league if it weren't for that deep dish pizza. For the record, though, I still eat it all the time. I just have it delivered now."

Detroit held a record of 2-1 at the time, and Burleson was performing well for his squad. 

He was subsequently forced to miss seven games, and the team finished with a disappointing 7-9 record. 

That 2013 season also ended up being the last for Burleson in the league. 


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Tell me the Lions aren’t cursed! Haha this was a funny story I had totally forgot about