Team President Rod Wood: Ford Family Are Fans First, Owners Second

John Maakaron

Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood wants it to be known that Martha Ford and Sheila Ford Hamp are fans first, and owners second.

"They care with every fiber of their body as to what is going on in the field," Wood told Lion's play-by-play voice, Dan Miller, in a recent interview. 

He added, "They're fans first and owners second. If you can put yourself in that kind of mind, that's how they think of themselves. They feel because of the ownership side of the responsibility -- incredible responsibility to the city and the fanbase. They know how much the fans want to win and they know how it's their responsibility to deliver that to the fans."

Earlier this year, Wood expressed he felt the organization was in a favorable position due to the continuity of having general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia returning for their third season together.

This was prior to the global pandemic affecting the sports world and threatening to derail scheduled seasons. 

One possible advantage Detroit possesses is the familiarity several of the free-agent acquisitions and coaches have with Patricia and his scheme.

"There is always change. Added a couple new coordinators and position coaches. We're into the third year now of Matt and Bob working together. There is some benefits from stability," Wood told WXYZ-TV in February. "Anything that keeps us moving in the right direction with the players more familiar with the coaching staff allows us to build a foundation that should keep us competitive year in and year out, that's the goal."


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Genna Rose
Genna Rose

It's apparent over the last few decades; specific changes need to happen. Banking on Sheila Ford Hamp to surprise us all and for Patricia's defense to come to full fruition.


I think the fans of the Lions have had enough with these owners. They need to deliver or sell the team. It just has not worked for whatever reason


Team President Rod Wood: Ford Family Are Fans First, Owners Second

The title of the article explains clearly why the franchise has been perennial losers


Can we get a 30 for 30 on these owners? How can one group of people fail so much while trying so hard. Unheard of