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SiriusXM's 'Opening Drive' Debates a Drew Brees Return

SiriusXM's Opening Drive guest said Drew Brees has limited options should he consider returning to the NFL.

SiriusXM's Opening Drive guest, Doug Whaley, said Drew Brees has limited options should he consider returning to the NFL. The XFL executive and former NFL general manager debated the matter and listed several scenarios in which Brees could be effective as a No. 1 starting signal-caller.

Whaley told host Solomon Wilcots that Drew Brees likely wouldn't have many suitors clamoring for his services. Wilcots is concerned about a hit to Brees' legacy.

Drew Brees passes against Carolina


Brees will need the right conditions to position him for success. Whaley believes Detroit and Carolina may be suitable destinations. Dallas would be another, but with a major hitch in the process.

Whaley said, "I'm just looking up and down this NFL landscape, and I just don't see anything. The only other one that you may think about would be Carolina. Come in there and compete with Sam Darnold. But that's a situation where Matt Rhule is fighting for his job. He's got probably got this year if he doesn't show any type of progress, and then he's gone. So does Drew want to be saddled with that pressure of saying I have to turn around this franchise now."

A signing with the Cowboys would only happen if Dak Prescott had another severe injury. Latching on to Carolina was more suitable since its quarterback situation is questionable. 

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Drew Brees exists Superdome

Would Drew's Legacy Take a Hit?

"How is that going to impact his legacy? I just don't see a team that he could come back to and just perpetuate that legacy even higher. I think it would put a be a really a drag on his legacy on any team that wouldn't have an option for him to come," Whaley noted.

Wilcots mentioned how Brees has been fortunate to build a business empire, so money wouldn't be the issue for the future Hall of Famer. 

"What would try him back to the game after sitting out a year? Is it just because you're bored and looking for something to do?" Wilcots continued, "What team would be right for him? Because you're not just going to come back for any ol' team just the play, and not make the playoffs, and go through this mediocre season."

Should a team suffer a significant injury at quarterback and "have serious Super Bowl aspirations," mentioned Whaley, may take a serious look at Drew Brees.

Albeit, some still blow off Drew Brees' social media post as "jest." I agree with this one aspect. It must be the right team, time, and system for Brees. Most in the Who Dat Nation would hate to see him fall and tarnish his stellar football legacy.

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