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Saints-Texans Halftime Report

New Orleans Saints versus the Houston Texans halftime report from NRG Stadium on Aug. 13.

New Orleans Saints versus the Houston Texans halftime report from NRG Stadium on Aug. 13.

Saints Texans Halftime Report
Alvin Kamara


Texans 1st Drive

  • New Orleans won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.  Kickoff to the Texans.
  • Kickoff: Gain to the 26 by Smith, Juwan Johnson on the tackle
  • Chase Hansen makes the first tackle of the year for the Saints defense.
  • New Orleans forced a 3 and out.

Saints 1st Drive

  • Open at the 33 yard line with Dwayne Washington rushing for 2 yards.
  • Dalton completed a pass to TE Adam Trautman, gain of 4 yards
  • First down reception by Smith for 15 yards.
  • Dalton checkdown to RB Dwayne Washington for a 4 yard rec.
  • Washington stuffed for 1 yard.
  • Slant pass to Marquez Callaway for a 19-yard reception.
  • New Orleans is not getting a push on the running plays.
  • Dalton scrambled for a 6-yard pickup
  • Washington runs for a first down.  4 yards.
  • Dalton tossed to Washington on the screen play for a 9-yard touchdown.
  • Drive: 10 plays, 67 yards, 5:22 time of possession.

Saints 7, Texans 0

Texans 2nd Drive

  • Texans open with a holding penalty on No, 64.
  • Another 3 and out after the Saints stop the 3rd and 12 attempt by the Texans.
  • 3 plays, 16 yards, 2:17 time of possession.

Saints 2nd Drive

  • Ian Book enters the game for New Orleans.
  • Washington carried and fumbled, but was able to pounce on the football.
  • 4-yard gain after a swing pass to Washington.
  • New Orleans gets the first down off a 4-yard carry by Washington.
  • Jalen Pitre tackles Washington again
  • High pass by Book to Juwan Johnson gets deflected and Smith intercepts, takes the football to the 34-yard line.

Texans 3rd Drive

  • Driskel attempted a shot to the end zone.  No. 15 Moore has an offensive pass interference call.  Pushes the Texans back to the 39-yard line.
  • Drikel misses on his pass attempt and then scrambles the next play.
  • Dorsett catches a reception for 12 yards.  4th down, field goal attempt for 49 yards.
  • Fairbairn drills the kick
  • Drive: 4 plays, 3 yards, 1:31 time of possession.

Saints 7, Texans 0.

Saints 3rd Drive

  • Book scrambles for first down.
  • New Orleans is using Dwayne Washington's legs in the first quarter.

Summary:  Washington has 8 carries for 19 yards, 2 receptions, and 13 receiving yards.  Callaway 1 reception for 19 yards.  Dalton was 5/5 for 51 yards, 148.8 QBR.  Book was 1/2 for 4 yards.


  • New Orleans turns over the football off a fumbled snap.

Texans 4th Drive

  • Texans again in Saints territory.
  • No. 31 RB Dameon Pierce runs for 20 yards.
  • Pierce then picks up 6 yards.
  • Driskel bootlegs for a 5 yard run.  1st down Texans at the 9 yard line.
  • Illegal contact No. 35 of the Saints (Gray)
  • First and goal at the 4.
  • No. 17 Camp scores a 4-yards touchdown reception from Driskel over No. 39 Demarcus Fields
  • Drive: 5 plays, 47 yards, 2:41 time of possession.
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Saints 7, Texans 10

The Texans scored 10 points off of New Orleans turnovers.

Saints 4th Drive

  • RB Tony Jones Jr. carries for 7 yards.
  • Turf monster caught Jones Jr for no gain.
  • 4th down.  1st punt.
  • Blake Gillikin boots a 55-yarder and Kevin White missed the tackle on the punt.

Texans 5th Drive

  • Houston is moving the Saints
  • Vincent Gray is not have a good game tonight.  PI for 15 yards. Texans in Saints territory.
  • First and 10 at the 24-yard line.
  • Hansen intercepts after Wilson pass defended and tipped the football. Hansen 44-yard return.

Saints 5th Drive

  • Saints have the football in Texans territory at the 42-yard line.
  • Jones Jr. reception for 13 yards, at 29-yard line.
  • Kirk Merritt catches a 3-yard pass.
  • Jones is showing some elusiveness and power.
  • Facemask on the Texans.   Saints football at the 9-yard line.
  • First and goal.
  • Hand off to Jones for 2-yard rush.
  • 2nd and 7
  • Jones to the 5-yard line.
  • 2-minute warning
  • Before the 2-minute clock, New Orleans has gained 133 yards of offense to the Texans 119 yards.
  • New Orleans has a 3rd and 5 to convert for a touchdown.
  • Incomplete pass to Tre'Quan Smith.  Well played by the Houston defender.
  • 23-yard attempt by Lutz is good.
  • Drive: 8 plays, 37 yards, 3:49 time of possession.

Saints 10, Texans 10

Texans 6th Drive

  • 3 and out.

Saints 6th Drive

  • 52 seconds left before halftime
  • 3 and out.  Texans had 2 sacks.
  • 4th and 24 

Texans 7th Drive

  • Saints stop the Texans at the 41-yard line.  Fairbairn for 59 yards.
  • Wide right on the field goal attempt.

Saints 10, Texans 10 (Halftime)


Saints:  None

Texans: None


Saints Offense

  • Andy Dalton:  5/5, 51 passing yards; 1 rush for 6 yards;  148.8 QBR
  • Dwayne Washington: 8 rushes, 19 yards; 3 catches, 18 yards receiving
  • Tony Jones Jr.: 6 rushes, 21 yards
  • Marquez Callaway: 1 reception, 19 yards

Saints Defense

  • JT Gray: 3 tackles
  • Tuttle: 2 tackles
  • Streat: 2 tackles

Texans Offense

  • Davis Mills: 3/3, 14 yards, 86.1 QBR
  • Jeff Driskel: 6/9, 49 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 77.8 QBR
  • Pierce: 5 rec, 49 yards