Chris Russo: Bart Scott 'Urinated' On The Media And Now He's Doing Drive Time?

Mike Francesa's old WFAN partner, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo has a big problem with Bart Scott.
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But how do you really feel, Mad Dog?

Chris Russo, who spent 19 years as Mike Francesa's partner on WFAN radio in New York, lit into Bart Scott, one of the Francesa replacements, on his SiriusXM show Wednesday afternoon.

After heaping praise on's Maggie Gray and Chris Carlin, who will partner with Scott on the new show that will replace Francesa, who is leaving WFAN on Dec. 15 after 30 years at the station, beginning Jan. 2, Russo lit into the former NFL linebacker.

"We're gonna bring a guy in here who was born in Detroit, who played his best football with the Ravens, played a year or two with Rex Ryan, urinated on the New York media when he was here, led a boycott about talking to the players -- literally-- and was fired from CBS, the NFL Today, FIRED, Nate Burleson took over for him and this is the guy you bring in to connect with the New York audience. You must be kidding me?"

Russo, who also said Scott wouldn't know Joe DiMaggio from Willie Mays, said he was "insulted" and "bothered" that his old station ​would hire Scott for the position the he once held with Francesa. 

You can listen to the full six-minute rant below.

Russo closed the diatribe by saying taking aim at WFAN, saying, "This is a station I trusted for three decades and a piece of real estate from 1 to 6:30 from 1989 to 2017 and the guy that you found to replace him is a linebacker from the Baltimore Ravens who told us four years ago, urinated on us. And this is the guy who's my host? Oh my, God. Come on guys, you gotta come up with something better than that."