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Elite 11 2020: SI All-American's Composite Ranking of the 20 QBs

After three days on site at the 2020 Elite 11 Finals, SI All-American ranks all 20 competitors based solely on the competition.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. -- The 2020 Elite 11 Finals is officially in the books. Uncommitted star Caleb Williams was named the event's MVP.

The decision, based on what coach Trent Dilfer admitted before making the news public, wasn't just about the three days of action.

"75 percent weighted goes into your junior year of film, the production and also your traits," he said. "We're trying to project what you may be. 25 percent comes from what happened over the last three days."

SI All-American's final rankings are exclusively determined by the three days of competition and even in that metric, Williams came on top. We ranked all 20 prospects each day of the competition on a very clear scale. 

Day 1, organized like an Elite 11 regional camp, was a pure evaluation ranking. Accuracy, poise, footwork, arm strength, release, the conventional data points onlookers dig into. 

[Regional Camp Rankings]

Day 2, the pro day script workout, was more numerical. Each competitor had about 20 throws and SIAA graded each throw on a scale of 1-3, with 3 being considered a 'money' shot without much debate on timing, ball placement and accuracy. Passes slightly off, yet on target, were graded as a 2 while those off target were tabbed a 1.

[Pro Day Rankings]

Day 3, set up as a timed accuracy gauntlet with eight stations, was on a similar scale from how we charted Day 2. The grading scale remained in place (3 was through the target, 2 was in contact with target, 1 was off target) in addition to considering efficiency with the prospects who completed the course the fastest. 

[Accuracy Gauntlet Rankings]

After ranking all 20 over the three days, we calculated the average total ranking to create a composite ranking compared to the others. The more tangible approach evenly weighed each day of competition. 

1. Caleb Williams - Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga 

Composite Score: 2.66

Day 1 Rank: 1

Day 2 Rank: 3

Day 3 Rank: 4

Williams flashed about everything an evaluator could have asked for and the data actually backs up the staffs ranking of him as the MVP. His Day 1 performance was the most dominant daily win compared to the Day 2 and Day 3 winners and he wasn’t ever sitting outside of the top five. The arm talent, footwork and pure play-making torque is about as good as it gets at the position. Throw in the competitive drive and few would bet against the D.C. star. 

2. J.J. McCarthy - Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy

Composite Score: 4.0

Day 1 Rank: 4

Day 2 Rank: 2 

Day 3 Rank: 6

Entering the camp, McCarthy was one of the few quarterbacks who could make all of the throws on tape. He proved that in a camp setting every day at Elite 11, looking comfortable throwing to all three levels of the field and never finishing below sixth place out of 20 in Sports Illustrated All-American's daily rankings. McCarthy finished fifth in Elite 11's accuracy gauntlet scores and sixth by our scores in the same drill, displaying great accuracy with 16 on-target throws on 22 attempts. He carried swagger throughout the week and never seemed to lose his step.

3. Miller Moss - Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei

Composite Score: 4.66

Day 1 Rank: 3

Day 2 Rank: 8

Day 3 Rank: 3

Moss wasn’t the flashiest passer through three days but consistency was once again his calling card. More valuable there than any other position, he was steady with his accuracy, spin rate and ability to execute ball placement to the first and second level. Throw 100 looked comparable to throw No. 1 for the USC commitment, even in this competitive setting. Two top-three finishes, including on the hardest workout (Day 3) re-emphasizes the data. 

4. Brock Vandagriff - Bogart (Ga.) Prince Avenue Christian

Composite Score: 5.33

Day 1 Rank: 5

Day 2 Rank: 10

Day 3 Rank: 3

Vandagriff finished third among campers in the Rail Shot competition on Monday, had a fairly decent pro day on day two, finishing in the middle of the pack on SIAA's scoring, then walked away with day three of the competition. He won the accuracy gauntlet with a time of 1:43, there wasn't another QB under two minutes. Vandagriff is known as a prospect with a high floor and his consistency as a daily top 10 performer, big shot maker and high-velocity game through three tough workouts validates the point. His ball never lost life, even in the gauntlet to wrap up the event. 

5 (tie). Ty Thompson - Gilbert (Az.) Mesquite

Composite Score: 6.66

Day 1 Rank: 2

Day 2 Rank: 4

Day 3 Rank: 14

Thompson is the passer who probably helped his immediate stock the most all week long. From the impressive frame to a smooth release, he was an MVP candidate with considerable ‘wow’ throws to his name until Day 3 slowed how high he could climb. Gauntlet issues aside, the only knock with the Oregon Duck commitment comes with his footwork. He could move methodically at times but as the biggest passer in attendance, it wasn’t a big surprise. 

5 (tie). Carlos Del Rio - Loganville (Ga.) Grayson

Composite Score: 6.66

Day 1 Rank: 10

Day 2 Rank: 1

Day 3 Rank: 9

Del Rio's performance at Elite 11 was one of the biggest surprises of the week, and certainly for the better. His best showing came during the pro day workout on Day 2, where Del Rio threw a camp-leading 12 "money" throws based on Sports Illustrated All-American's grading scale. He followed with the second-best time in the accuracy gauntlet according to Elite 11, with a solid accuracy grade from SIAA coming in 9th place. Throwing on the run was already a strength of Del Rio's entering the week, and he was certainly one of the best quarterbacks out there in that department - just take a look at his deep corner throws.

7. Kyle McCord - Philadelphia (Pa.) St. Joseph's

Composite Score: 7.33

Day 1 Rank: 13

Day 2 Rank: 4

Day 3 Rank: 5

McCord was a star during the pro day workout, with elite ball placement and second/third level accuracy. He was just as consistent on Wednesday coming off of his big win, according to the Elite 11 staff, with such hot streaks coming at the most difficult times. There wasn’t a clear drop off in velocity through three days of action, something that can’t be said of others on the list.

8. Kyron Drones - Pearland (Texas) Shadow Creek

Composite Score: 10.66

Day 1 Rank: 15

Day 2 Rank: 15

Day 3 Rank: 2

Drones is a big, impressive physical specimen who had big moments through the competition. Saving his best for last from a total workout perspective, during the hardest ask from the coaches, showed where he is at when it comes to catching on quick and execution. Few drove the football more consistently than the future Baylor Bear, whose best balls were on par with the higher-ranked guys on this list. 

9 (tie). Garrett Nussmeier - Flower Mound (Texas) Marcus

Composite Score: 11.0

Day 1 Rank: 8

Day 2 Rank: 6

Day 3 Rank: 19

Nussmeier and Moss are rather similar prospects, but I'd give Nussmeier the overall edge in terms of arm strength, though Moss has premier ball placement. Though as I told him and his family following the event, I was more impressed with the way in which he carried himself throughout the week. The body language was incredible, the energy he brought to the camp, constantly encouraging those around him in an environment that typically doesn't lend itself to that type of conduct. He's a leader and that's invaluable at the quarterback position. 

9 (tie). Tyler Macon - East St. Louis (Ill.)

Composite Score: 11.0

Day 1 Rank: 12

Day 2 Rank: 13

Day 3 Rank: 8

Macon proved relatively consistent through most of the competition aside from wearing down in his lower half during the accuracy gauntlet. His three-quarter release is one of the better motions in the field and his arch in pushing the ball down the field didn’t hurt his accuracy or timing. The Missouri commitment keeps a wide base when he sets his feet and it appears to limit errant throws. 

11 (tie). Maddox Kopp - Houston (Texas) St. Thomas

Composite Score: 11.33

Day 1 Rank: 7

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Day 2 Rank: 12

Day 3 Rank: 15

One of the more underrated quarterbacks entering the week, Kopp showed off his potential early and often with a strong deep ball when he got his feet set. He won the rail shot competition on Monday night and immediately heard from Power 5 schools such as Ole Miss and Texas. Short-to-intermediate middle of the field accuracy was hit or miss but when Kopp was on, he was on. Mobility and throwing on the run aren't his strong-suits, but with further development as he's only recently started taking football seriously over basketball, Kopp has the arm talent to become a household name

11 (tie). Luke Altmyer - Starkville (Miss.)

Composite Score: 11.33

Day 1 Rank: 6

Day 2 Rank: 11

Day 3 Rank: 17

Altmyers’ easy release was on display all week long and it created some oohs and ahhs down the field, particularly during the pro day workout. His motion pushes the ball behind him more than most in the field, but the release speed makes up for the timing. The Florida State commitment felt like a top 10 lock before a rough accuracy gauntlet on Day 3.

13 (tie). Drake Maye - Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park

Composite Score: 12.33

Day 1 Rank: 16

Day 2 Rank: 9

Day 3 Rank: 12

Maye started off slow at the regional camp and through the stations but caught on in a big way Day 2 and held his own on Day 3. His big arm was consistently on display, even when the consistent accuracy was not, and his pace on the final day’s work may have been the best of the bunch outside of Vandagriff. The UNC commitment has all the tools to continue to climb any ranking. 

13 (tie). Behren Morton - Eastland (Texas)

Composite Score: 12.33

Day 1 Rank: 11

Day 2 Rank: 16

Day 3 Rank: 10

Morton's pro day left a bit to be desired, he had a few tough misses, but I don't think I saw a single ball wobble all week. It was tight, it was smooth, and it was fluid on every single throw. Which, when you're throwing upwards of 200 footballs in a three-day span, is incredibly tough to do. Then you add into the equation that he's a solid athlete and can move extremely well, you've got a Top-10 performer at the event, in my opinion. Morton’s final workout was his best and the high spin rate carried all the way through the end. As Quincy Avery said of one of his samples, “the ball has juice.”

15. Grayson James - Plano (Texas) John Paul II

Composite Score: 13.66

Day 1 Rank: 14

Day 2 Rank: 20

Day 3 Rank: 7

Grayson James was up and down during the first two workouts but really took a step forward on the final day of action in the accuracy gauntlet. His size is impressive and the fluidity of his release and footwork on the frame is, too. Few looked more comfortable making plays on the move, even down the field, than the uncommitted prospect. 

16. Kaidon Salter - Cedar Hill (Texas)

Composite Score: 14.00

Day 1 Rank: 19

Day 2 Rank: 7

Day 3 Rank: 16

Salter struggled to find consistency through most of the workouts but really found a home during the pro day. He was on time and impressive outside the numbers and while on the move. The Tennessee-bound Texan worked best moving to his right and hit one of the top deep balls of the week during the pro day while on a dead sprint. 

17. Christian Veilleux - Potomac (Md.) The Bullis School

Composite Score: 14.33

Day 1 Rank: 9

Day 2 Rank: 14

Day 3 Rank: 20

The first impression of Veilleux was rock solid. He was accurate throughout the regional camp workout with first and second level consistency stronger than most of the group. The pro day workout looked uncomfortable at times for the Penn State commitment, who appeared to have rushed several throws in the controlled setting. The velocity wasn’t there on Day 3, either. 

18. Dematrius Davis - Houston (Texas) North Shore

Composite Score: 15.66

Day 1 Rank: 18

Day 2 Rank: 18

Day 3 Rank: 11

Davis has a quick trigger and moves with more ease than any competitor in the field, but the accuracy was sporadic at best. His best workout came in the accuracy gauntlet but it wasn’t enough to secure his would-be initial top 10 finish on a given day. The Auburn commitment was unable to showcase one of his top traits, decision-making, with the cancellation of the 7-on-7 portion of the event. 

19 (tie). Tyler Buchner - La Jolla (Calif.) Helix

Composite Score: 17.33

Day 1 Rank: 17

Day 2 Rank: 17

Day 3 Rank: 18

Buchner had one of the top throws of the entire event during the pro day workout, a 7-cut while on the run dropped perfectly on the front pylon. Unfortunately for the Notre Dame commitment, head-turners like that were more common with other arms at the event. His arm angle looks considerably lower than it was in 2019 and even earlier this year and it appears to have affected his drive on the ball and consistent accuracy. 

19 (tie). Jay Allen - Fort Pierce (Fla.) John Carroll

Composite Score: 17.33

Day 1 Rank: 20

Day 2 Rank: 19

Day 3 Rank: 13

Allen got better each day, in each setting and flirted with a hot streak on Day 3 with great pace and ability to hit targets on the move. His spiral was far less impressive from a consistency standpoint and his third-level game is certainly still developing. 


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