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In Wednesday night's loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry suffered what looked like a quad contusion. After the game, head coach Steve Kerr confirmed that was indeed the case, and said the team will consider resting Steph for Thursday's back-to-back against the New Orleans Pelicans.

When asked if Curry may miss Thursday's game against NOLA, coach Kerr said, "Ya, there's a chance. He got a pretty good quad contusion, and those generally get worse overnight, and with a flight and everything. There's a chance he won't play tomorrow."

Steph was also asked about his injury, and said, "Ya, that sucked. The way it feels right now, I'm not optimistic [that I'll play tomorrow], but we'll see." When asked if this is something that will linger, Curry said, "No, I hope not. The body feeds off the mind, so I hope not."

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It has been well documented, but Steph Curry is amidst the worst shooting stretch of his career, putting up another poor shooting night against the Dallas Mavericks. In the loss, Curry scored just 14 points on 5/24 from the field. Golden State has been able to win some games with Curry shooting poorly, but that was not the case in this one.

The Warriors will now travel to New Orleans to take on the Pelicans, in a game where they likely will not have Steph Curry.

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