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Interview with Northwestern linebacker Paddy Fisher

How did today go? What did you show the NFL scouts? Any feedback from them? I think today went great. I was talking to Coach (Alex) Spanos and some of the strength coaches just a second ago. Just super pumped and happy to be able to be in this position, showcase our talents and be with the guys. I think that is enough. That's just great. We had 11 guys in total and all 32 teams here. That's real special. I don't think that's ever been done here. It was just a lot of fun. We had high energy. Just having fun. We were locked in, rooting for each other, just enjoying the day. I think today I showed speed and quickness and just athletic ability, stuff that they may have not seen on tape and some things that they have as negatives in the scouting report.

Lot of success from Katy, Texas. How'd that prepare you for what you did at Northwestern and the next level? I think it prepared me beyond what I could've imagined, and the same goes for here at NU. I think just from talking to guys and scouts and coaches, I'll be beyond prepared to what I thought I would've been when I was a freshman here at Northwestern. I think going back to high school and just thinking about those years, really taught me a lot about special traits I could carry on for not only football, but for life, too. Things like discipline and resilience and perseverance and high character and things of that nature. Those two programs, back home in Katy and here at Northwestern, have done tremendous jobs of getting myself and others ready for what's to come.

What do all the high picks out of Northwestern say about the program? I think it just goes to show that everybody, what they've said about this program as being kind of proven wrong. Everybody's coming in here from the top down, from Fitz to whatever you want to say is the lowest part of the program, I think every part is equally as important and we're all buying in with a common goal to improve this program and to set our goals and standards even higher. Coming in, it was win the West, now it's win the Big Ten, shooting for Rose Bowl and National Championship. As the years go by and we're sending more and more guys to the next level and things of that nature, the bar is just being set higher and higher each year.

What part of your game translates to the NFL? I think a couple things. I think just my overall instincts and nose for the football. My ability to find the ball and be in the right position to make plays. I think that's important at the next level and I have that instinct and football IQ to know what's going on in front of me and going on behind me and to understand defense and offense and to make plays and find the football.

Talks with teams about where you project at the next level? Most talks that I've had have been at the middle position, 'Mike' linebacker.

Ballpark of teams you spoke to? I think I passed by Atlanta scout, a Bucs scout and maybe a Raiders scout. I was locked in today. I wasn't really looking for conversation. If anybody wanted to pull me aside, that was great, but not too many conversations today.

What were your Pro Day numbers and times? I don't have any numbers. I apologize. I was trying to find some after we finished our position drills but all the scouts had left. I'll probably get those tonight. I'm not too worried about it. I know that I've put all the work in before today, the months leading up to this day. The overall performance was great. I think I did everything I could, went out with laser focus and everything that I had practiced up until today and it went great.

Agent and training location? Barry Gardner. I'll be training in the Chicago area.

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