Atlanta's Falcon Report Mid Week Update! 7-8

Christopher Smitherman II

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July 4th-July 7th

11 Times Julio Jones Made My Day, No. 2: Jones Toasts The Panthers For 300 Yards

Atlanta's Falcon Report News Updates 7-4

Here Are Some Of The Things The Atlanta Falcons Did Following The Death Of George Floyd

Dirty Birds Podcast Episode 22: Would Jadeveon Clowney accept a Cam Newton-like contract?

The Atlanta Falcons Can Protect Themselves From NFL Playing Black National Anthem Before "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Atlanta Falcons Hire Two Women To Scouting Department

In Hindsight, It Was Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones, And The Atlanta Falcons Picked The Wrong Guy

11 Times Julio Jones Made My Day, No. 1: Jones And The Infamous Super Bowl Catch

NFL Planning To Test Players' Families For COVID-19

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