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Predictions: Buccaneers-Lions

Vito Chirco, Logan Lamorandier, Adam Strozynski and John Maakaron of SI All Lions provide their predictions for today's contest between the Buccaneers and Lions

Vito Chirco 

The Lions will be on their third head coach of the 2020 campaign when they take on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saturday afternoon. 

Robert Prince, who has been Detroit's wide receivers coach since 2014, will be serving as acting head man. It stems from Darrell Bevell having been deemed a high-risk, close contact of a team employee who tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this week.

Lions quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan will call the offensive plays in Bevell's place. 

Meanwhile, Evan Rothstein, currently a head coach assistant who works in "research and analysis" for the organization, will call the defensive plays in the place of defensive coordinator Cory Undlin, who has also been ruled out for the contest due to exposure to an individual with COVID-19.

This all seems like a recipe for success for Brady, who will be playing in his 300th career regular season game Saturday. 

I think the 43-year-old does have a big day, and helps lead Tampa Bay to its 10th win on the season. Buccaneers 35, Lions 21 

Logan Lamorandier 

The Lions' defense is horrible enough as it is, and now it is missing a majority of the coaching staff. 

On offense, the Lions are lucky to have a veteran quarterback and QBs coach in Sean Ryan able to call plays. As usual, it will be the Lions' offense looking capable at times, while the defense allows massive yards. Buccaneers 43, Lions 20 


John Maakaron 

Last season, the Buccaneers easily defeated the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. There are just not many areas that the Lions will have an edge in over the Buccaneers. 

The Bucs' run defense is stellar, and their passing offense is ranked No. 6 in the entire NFL. 

Everyone will be intrigued by what the Lions' improvised coaching staff can accomplish in one of the most bizarre circumstances a team can face. Unfortunately, for Robert Prince, it's more of the same. The Lions will score points, but the defense is in for a long afternoon. Buccaneers 34, Lions 30

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Adam Strozynski 

Going into this game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Detroit Lions are without multiple coaches and players, due to the NFL's COVID-19 contact-tracing policy. 

Add in Tom Brady looking to secure a playoff spot against a historically bad Lions defense. 

The deck is obviously stacked against Detroit, and no matter what wizardry Matthew Stafford pulls out of his hat, it will be a blue Christmas for the Lions -- and not Honolulu Blue. 

Brady and the Bucs win, and clinch a playoff spot. Buccaneers 37, Lions 21

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