How Matt Patricia Plans to Keep Team Healthy ahead of First Week of Season

John Maakaron

Last season, 16 members of the Detroit Lions finished the season on the injured reserve list. 

As a result, the strength and conditioning staff was overhauled this past offseason. 

With a new health concern to be worried about, Detroit's coaching staff must now factor in another variable in its attempt to keep the roster healthy ahead of the season opener against the Chicago Bears.

"One of the things that will be critical for us is really taking the ramp-up period and taking the advice that the league and that the P.A. (NFLPA) has put in place and try to understand the guidelines of what it's going to mean for us to build up to that point where we can practice, where we can be as as healthy as possible," Detroit head coach Matt Patricia said during a video conference Friday.

He further explained, "With some of the wearable technology that we have that we are constantly learning about -- really making sure that we do a good job with the feedback data that we're getting in -- it will be a completely different feel, and we know that. But, that's okay. We just got to do a good job of always trying to just stay in front of it the best we can."

At his disposal will be player fatigue levels and player loads, and how the roster has responded to practice will constantly be monitored. 

As a result of new protocols or protocols that have yet to be even put in place, organizations must tread lightly in regard to player safety.

Patricia even noted that based on the protocols, an injured player might be able to return to the team faster than the league will allow a team to meet, test and clear a player. 

Needless to say, organizations across the league must pay close attention to the health and safety of their roster -- now even more than ever.


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I wished the media would have asked what will the plan be if coaches or several players all at once get infected


This is good. The NFL should play very close attention, especially this season to the health of the players