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Undlin: 'You Do Not Lose Your Faith in the Scheme'

Read more on how defensive coordinator Cory Undlin approaches correcting issues with the Lions' defense

No question, the loudest gripes from supporters of the Detroit Lions continue to revolve around a defense that has yet to reach its potential in any way, shape or form. 

Detroit's rush defense ranks 30th in the NFL, and the pass-rush win rate is abysmal through the first four games of the season. 

Lions defensive coordinator Cory Undlin remains steadfast in his belief that if the players trust each other and execute fundamentals consistently, the fortunes of the defense will turn around.

In Week 4 against the Saints, Detroit's defense allowed an injury-riddled team to post gaudy numbers offensively.

New Orleans was able to rush for 107 yards in the first half, and totaled 164 yards with three rushing touchdowns in its 35-29 victory over Detroit.

In the first half, New Orleans totaled 275 yards and 19 first downs.

In total, Drew Brees led an offense that amassed 392 yards and racked up 29 first downs.

Undlin expressed in a video conference with Detroit media Monday that he was still proud of his defense for fighting throughout the game and for earning stops in the second half.

“You keep going back to the pictures on the sideline, and what you do is you do not lose faith in your players. You do not lose your faith in the scheme, kind of going back to the trust thing and you keep grinding it out. You keep going back out there," Undlin said. 

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"You keep fighting until you can find a way to stop them. And I was proud of those guys," Undlin commented further. "It could’ve gone a couple different ways there. We ended up staying together there, getting a couple stops and then obviously, the offense went down. We came up short there, but I was proud of the way they fought there at the end of the game because that could’ve gone the wrong way quick. So, we’ve got a way to go still, and I feel really positive about that happening going forward.”

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