Drew Bledsoe Sounds Off on Patriots' Addition of OC Alex Van Pelt

The former New England Patriots quarterback gave his flowers to their fresh staff addition.
Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt directs the offense during training camp, Aug. 5, 2022 in
Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt directs the offense during training camp, Aug. 5, 2022 in / Phil Masturzo / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Over the course of the NFL offseason, we saw a massive overhaul to the New England Patriots' coaching staff amid the turnover from the long-lasting Bill Belichick era into the hiring of new head Jerod Mayo.

With the new hire of Mayo, the Belichick protégé decided to hit the refresh button on the previous regime, ultimately bringing a few new faces into the fold to help guide this Patriots core back to glory. Among those new additions was Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, and former NFL quarterback Alex Van Pelt to help guide a previously struggling New England offense.

Van Pelt has had a solid track history in the league, putting in significant time as a quarterback coach with teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Cincinnati Bengals. He was also the QBs coach with the Green Bay Packers from 2014-17, during the time which Aaron Rodgers won league MVP in 2014.

Now, Van Pelt will have a new situation to take on in Foxboro, where he's been gifted with third-overall selection Drake Maye to work with for the foreseeable future. When asking around the league to see what the former Browns OC could bring to the table for the young signal caller, there seems to be loads of optimism surrounding the fit, especially when asking former New England QB Drew Bledsoe.

While appearing on the Up & Adams Show, Bledsoe provided some confidence for the future of Drake Maye's development, crediting the Patriots' new offensive coordinator as an extremely valuable piece in the process.

"One thing that [Drake Maye] has that's very significant going for him is Alex Van Pelt," Bledsoe said. "We were together in Buffalo for a few years... Alex was, from a backup standpoint, the one that had the best football mind, and he also has just this incredibly calm demeanor. He played quarterback for a decade, and he's six-foot and chubby, so obviously he had to win with his brain. I really think that Alex is one of those really special quarterback whisperer kind of dudes that's really going to help him."

With Van Pelt's immense experience working with guys around the league, having that guidance in a relatively youth-filled Patriots squad will be extremely beneficial to have early in the process. It was recently revealed that Van Pelt would be a significant voice in Maye's development and transition into the NFL, and it's easy to see how he got the green light.

While the process to get Maye up to speed could be one that takes some time, the Patriots look to have the right pieces in place to reclaim the success the franchise hasn't seen in years (at least, in the eyes of Drew Bledsoe).

Jared Koch