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Cam Newton Shouldn't Sniff the Pittsburgh Steelers

Yeah, no. Cam Newton isn't a missing piece of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After a quarterback competition that lasted until the end of the preseason, the New England Patriots are rolling with Mac Jones and releasing Cam Newton.

This turn of events has left some in the media saying the Pittsburgh Steelers would be a good fit for the former MVP, but let’s pump the brakes. There is no need for the Steelers to pursue Newton, whatsoever, for a few reasons.

He Would Be a Distraction

For starters, let’s just get the obvious out of the way; it would be even more of a circus than it already is in Pittsburgh if they were to sign Cam Newton.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is enough of a sideshow. Chase Claypool has had his own antics alongside Smith-Schuster, and his postgame comments following the loss to Cleveland in the wildcard round don’t help with the diva moniker he is beginning to earn.

This isn’t to say that Cam Newton is a bad teammate; all reports say quite the opposite. But to say he wouldn’t be another unnecessary distraction would be asinine.

The Steelers Don’t Need Another Backup QB

Say what you want about Mason Rudolph, but he is better than a lot of backups in this league. Pittsburgh extended him for multiple reasons; he knows the system and can play well enough to help the Steelers win games if needed.

Let’s not forget about Dwayne Haskins, either. Outside of a poor showing in the preseason finale against Carolina, Haskins looked good in exhibition play for the most part. The Steelers have two capable backups as is; there is no need to add another quarterback.

This Isn’t MVP Cam Newton

As much as fans want to believe Cam Newton is still his 2015 self, he isn’t. What people also fail to realize is that 2015 was very much an outlier year for Cam, and not how he has consistently played.

Coming off a year in which he threw just eight touchdowns to 10 interceptions, what is left? A polarizing quarterback who was always a physical specimen - but never a truly great thrower of the football.

The Steelers should be focused on bigger issues in-house and getting ready for Buffalo, not chasing an over-the-hill quarterback who is very much a shadow of his former self. 

Jarrett Bailey is a contributor with AllSteelers. Follow Jarrett on Twitter @JBaileyNFL, and AllSteelers @si_steelers.

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