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Young & Sweat: Washington Boasts NFL's Best Pass-Rush Duo?

This much is clear: Young and Sweat have already put down the foundation that says they can do it all.

If we are talking about "projections,'' there isn't much of an argument. Consider their youth, their talent and their so-far performance, and the Washington Football Team defensive end tandem of Chase Young and Montez Sweat seems poised to emerge in the 2021 NFL season as the league's best duo.

Or maybe, it already is.

linemen in the first round and all of them pan out.

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The WFT has thrown resources at the D-line, with all four starters having been first-round picks. That doesn't guarantee a team "hits'' on such guys. In Washington, though, the Football Team has hit.

But what's next?

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As the gang at NBCSports points out: "From Khalil Mack to Joey Bosa to T.J. Watt, there are plenty of examples of young edge defenders making significant leaps from Year 1 to Year 2. Young, who was already one of the best at his position as a rookie last fall, only finished the season with 7.5 sacks. He could easily double that in 2020.''

Put down Young for 15 sacks on one end, and put down Sweat - who in his first two NFL seasons recorded seven and nine, respectively - to up his numbers even a little bit, and the numbers will say, "best in the business.''

But, according to Pro Football Focus, Sweat and Young were the already there as the NFL's best pass rush duo last year.

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It's not all about numbers, of course. Get 25 sacks out of the two defensive ends but do so while nobody is concerned about run-stopping, or unselfish teammate that helps other guys get numbers, and have it add up to not enough wins, and it will have largely been pointless to do math on "who's best.'' At the same time, sacks are not the be-all/end-all; Young and Sweat figure to also register hurries, batted balls, maybe even takeaways.

Do all of that? Now you're "the best.'' And this much is clear: Young and Sweat have already put down the foundation that says they can do all of that.