Washington Football Team Will Go NFL Camping - But Where?

As usual, things are confusing when it comes to the Washington Football Team. Will they be in Richmond for training camp? Nobody seems to know.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- We all want to see Ryan Fitzpatrick. And Chase Young. And Jamin Davis. But ... Will the Washington Football Team be holding training camp 2021 in Richmond or at their team facility in Ashburn?

The simple answer is we don't know yet.

The NFL officially cleared the path on Friday by announcing that teams are allowed to go away for camp, pending league approval.

The NFL did not allow such a move to happen last year because of the COVID pandemic, but it seems like it's a foregone conclusion now.

We're going camping.

The league office also announced their intention to have full crowds at NFL games this year and the Washington Football Team confirmed their intention on Thursday.

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Now what we have to figure out is much more complicated than a permission slip.

Are the Washington Football Team still under contract as part of their original eight-year contract with the city of Richmond that was signed when the Bon Secours Training Facility was built in the capital of the commonwealth of Virginia?

The answer is this for now: We don't know.

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The contract was scheduled to expire after the 2020 training camp and the two sides were not expected to renew the deal for any official length of time.

What nobody seems to be able to figure out is what exactly the contractual language calls for. ... in light of the pandemic miss-out.

The other question is this: Does coach Ron Rivera even want to go away for camp? He did with the Carolina Panthers, so the expectation is that he'll want to do that again ... but nobody knows exactly for sure.

It's a huge hassle to relocate everyone to Richmond and honestly, the deal was an unnecessary evil signed back in 2012 when facility improvements had not been done to the every-day home of the WFT.

The upside of moving? For three weeks, it's advantageous to be able to focus more on football than regular life. So if the contract specifically says that Washington has to hold eight training camp periods in Richmond, then they won't have much of a choice. ... and Rivera and company - including Fitzpatrick, Young, Jamin and the rest - will reap the benefits of going camping.