Sean McDermott's decision to bench Tyrod Taylor may go down as the dumbest of the year in the NFL.

By Jon Tayler
November 20, 2017

Congrats, Buffalo: You played yourself

Kudos to you, Hot Clicks Reader: You may have made some dumb or inexplicable decisions in your life, but at least you didn't screw up as badly as Bills head coach Sean McDermott did on Sunday. How else does one describe benching a mostly good starting quarterback against a fellow playoff contender for an untested rookie who then goes on to throw five interceptions in one half of play? McDermott put a huge dent in Buffalo's postseason chances by swapping Nathan Peterman in for Tyrod Taylor, and he did it for ... well, really no reason at all. And to top it off, he wouldn't even commit to Taylor getting his starting job back after Peterman's debacle. This NFL season has been full of confusing, weird and downright stupid decisions, but McDermott's has to take the cake for now. Just ask Richard Sherman.

Around the NFL

Are the Eagles now the NFC's Super Bowl favorite? Sunday's big win over Dallas strengthened their case ... Marshawn Lynch sat for the U.S. national anthem but stood for Mexico's during Oakland's game south of the border. Predictably, President Trump tweeted about it. ¡Viva Marshawn! ... Philadelphia was forced to use a linebacker as its kicker during Sunday's game after starter Jason Elliott went out with a concussion, and it didn't go terribly ... That awful Giants-Chiefs game was a big old mess ... That Roger Lewis catch was something else, though ... Stephen Gostkowski might've been able to make this kick from 100 yards out ... Tony Romo perfectly predicted a play yet again.

The Trump/Ball feud is upon us

Loyal Hot Clicks readers may remember me predicting last Thursday that a war of words between America's preeminent carnival barkers was nigh after President Trump tweeted that he deserved a thank you from the Ball family for his role in getting son and UCLA player LiAngelo out of China following a shoplifting arrest there. As expected, big-talking patriarch LaVar Ball didn't take kindly to his family getting called out by Trump, which sparked some angry words from the president, and, well, here we are. The whole thing is decidedly stupid and yet another example of Trump picking a fight with a prominent black sports figure for what I'm sure are totally innocuous reasons. Maybe we'd be better off listening to Steve Kerr, though, and denying both of these firestarters the oxygen they so desperately crave.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Lada Kravchenko shares her name with one of the worst cars ever made, but that shouldn't reflect poorly on her. This Russian model was part of SI Swimsuit's 2018 casting call; you can learn a little more about her here, or check out a full gallery of her here.

Joel Embiid forever

Subtle 3–1 jokes are the best 3–1 jokes.

Sunday's best touchdown celebration goes to...

The Houston Texans! This baton relay bit is enough to make Usain Bolt jealous.

Arthur cleats? Arthur cleats

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Gameday “Mood” - @kingjames

A post shared by Jalen Ramsey (@jalenramsey) on

Jalen Ramsey knows his meme.

Odds and Ends

Adios to David Lee, who is officially calling it quits after a 12-year NBA career ... A fond farewell too to the Georgia Dome, which is being imploded on Monday after 25 years of events, including the Olympics, the Final Four, the Super Bowl, and several SEC Championships; no word on whether or not Ludacris was able to sneak in sex on the 50-yard line while the Dirty Birds kick for three before it was too late ... Danica Patrick's second-to-last NASCAR race came to an abrupt end ... Jim Mora's birthday present from UCLA? His walking papers. Ouch ... LeBron James thinks Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL ... Charles Manson is dead, and the Los Angeles Times obituary for him is a must-read ... Speaking of must-reads: this New York Times piece on how the city's subway system completely fell apart.

I love it when a plan comes together

Brock Osweiler has some thoughts on that play call

Chrissy Teigen isn't here for this Lakers game

She missed a triple-double from Lonzo Ball, though.

That's one way to make an exit

JaVale McGee, what on earth

It's Monday, y'all

The week is long, but we'll survive.

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