Say it louder for the people in the back

As if we needed more reasons to root for Megan Rapinoe, here she is dropping this gem in an interview that hit Twitter Tuesday.

She previously talked with Jenny Ventras of Sports Illustrated and said she won't visit the White House if the USWNT won the World Cup. But not quite as elegantly as this time around.

As some people try to make a controversy over how she's handled herself during the national anthem at the World Cup, Rapinoe is just being who she's always been. That's what happens when all you know how to do is keep it real for the people.

Sometimes, she keeps it too real and lames want to get upset. Like a lot of the herbs in the comment section of this tweet.

But if you don't want to root for her, there will be plenty of us on her side cheering the USWNT on. Have fun rooting for France, I guess.

Iggy tells all

Andre Iguodala has been on a media tour for his new book The Sixth Man and it has led to him saying a lot on a lot of different topics. He's touched on free agency, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Mark Jackson, his injury in the 2018 postseason and how the Warriors priced their real fans out of Oracle Arena after they became great.

On this same Breakfast Club interview, Iguodala also shared that Mark Stevens—you know, the Warriors minority owner who thought he could put his hands on Kyle Lowry during a Finals game, yeah—he might have a bigger punishment facing him than what the league previously announced.

Either way, the main thing I learned from this is I can't wait to hear what stories Iguodala is going to share about The Association once he retires.

Charles Barkley vs. LaVar Ball

Is there some way we could set up a celebrity boxing match between these two?

Barkley has clearly heard more than he ever needed to from LaVar and has been sounding off recently.

Chuck most recently said of LaVar, "there is a village missing an idiot." And I feel like those could be interpreted as fighting words.

I don't see why LaVar doesn't challenge Barkley right now to see what type of money they can bring in if they just settled this ongoing beef. Cut the words, find somebody who will cut the check, and squash this once and for all.

If we're going to have to listen to one of you, let's at least make it the one who beat up the other for our entertainment.

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