Describe The Cowboys in One Word

Who would have thought getting a Top-5 NFL Draft Selection would have been in the cards for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys? And now, who wants to come up with one word to describe it all?
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FRISCO - Who would have thought possibly getting a top-five NFL Draft selection would have been in the cards for the 2020 Dallas Cowboys? And as a result of it all ... What is one word you'd use to describe the current 2-7 Cowboys?

Our staff description words range, tremendously... Yet somehow, they all fit this unprecedented year and season. 

'Woe’ -Mike Fisher

On the one hand, ‘woe’ is a legitimate description for how Dallas has wobbled to 2-7. Injuries, uninspired play and a disconnect with the new coaches staff have resulted in ‘woe.’

But on another level, another form of ‘woe’ - as in, ‘woe is me.’ Coach Mike McCarthy used the phrase at Washington a couple of weeks ago to describe his own team’s collective mindset.

What a strange (but honest) admission. What a mental chasm into which to tumble for the supposedly-prideful “America’s Team.”

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"Apposite" -Richie Whitt

Fittingly in a 2020 where up is down, right is wrong and normalcy is just a fuzzy memory, the Cowboys are encompassing our profound, dizzying disappointment. 

New coach. New hope. Same, mediocre results. 

Gerald McCoy’s immediate injury was a harbinger. Dak’s ankle. Tyron’s neck. Zeke’s regression. McCarthy’s analytics. Nolan’s lack of defense. 

These Cowboys - like 2020 - will be eternally memorable because they are wholly forgettable.

"Crossroads" -Matthew Postins

That's where the Cowboys are right now. Their season has headed off a cliff, but a top-five pick next season isn't going to fix everything. Neither is getting Dak Prescott back from injury. 

The secondary is a mess. The offensive line is in need of help. Some players don't seem to have the right 'energy.' And, even though it's a COVID NFL, this coaching staff deserves scrutiny. 

This season is done. It's the decisions the Cowboys make this coming offseason that will mean the difference between a Cowboys resurrection or another lost season in 2021. 

“Murphy’s Law” -Matt Galatzan

Murphy’s Law dictates that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”, and I don’t think there is a single better way to describe the 2020 Dallas Cowboys.

This season was, according to experts, supposed to be the Cowboys year. Many picked them to run away with the NFC East, reach their first NFC title in game in two decades, and meet the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

That’s not happening. In fact, the opposite is happening. From Injuries, to self inflicted mistakes, to media controversy, to Mike Nolan getting Tabasco sauce in his eye, this has been an unmitigated disaster of a season in just about every way. And judging by last week’s loss to Pittsburgh, that is going to continue to be the trend going forward. 

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"Grace" -Bri Amaranthus

The 2020 NFL season is not just about football... Social injustice and the COVID-19 pandemic have often rose to the forefront. 

Before the season began, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who outspokenly opposed kneeling for the national anthem previously,  was asked about how he'd react if a Dallas player wanted to kneel in 2020.

It was a tense moment in time during which I held my breath. I admire Jones and was hopeful I could back his stance. 

"These are very sensitive times right now," Jones said. "I have nothing to prove as far as where I'm standing with the flag and where the Cowboys stand. I have nothing to prove regarding my players and my support of our players. What I do want us to be a part of is a word called 'grace.' Not only grace in our actions but grace in our understanding where they're coming from. 

"I'm going to have grace with our players. I'm going to have grace with people that are sensitive about our flag. Somewhere in between there is how we're going to handle it."

I let out a sigh of relief then. And now ... The Cowboys are 2-7 and last in the NFC East after suffering injuries that has caused 21 players to miss games, all with a new coaching staff that has suffered from COVID-related setbacks, among many other hurdles.

No doubt, it's been a disastrous year but maybe it's time to show grace, all things considered.