Micah Parsons training with ex-boxing champ; expected to join Cowboys for Week 2 of OTAs

Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons is expected to join the team for Week 2 of OTAs after missing the first week for individualized training with a former boxing champ.
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Micah Parsons is absent from the first week of the Dallas Cowboys' OTA offseason workouts, but he is still getting his body ready for the upcoming season.

For the second straight year, Parsons is training with former Texas Super Middleweight champion Tony Mack at TMack Elite Training in Allen, Texas. He has been working with the gym's strength and conditioning staff and "is committing to daily activities that help him achieve spiritual, physical, and mental growth."

Parsons is expected to join the Cowboys for Week 2 of OTAs from Wednesday, May 29 through Friday, May 31.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Parsons' regimen also includes boxing and defensive reaction drills that mimic hand-fighting in the trenches.

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"Just like in football, in boxing, you get your most power when you’re balanced,” Parsons said. "And it’s great because just like in football, your hands and feet have to be synchronized. So, I’m working so much on just my hands and feet moving together, stepping into my jab, turning into my one-two. Everything turns out better for me."

While Parsons has been away from the team during spring sessions, he has continued to be in contact with the Cowboys coaching staff, including head coach Mike McCarthy.

Parsons also hopes to use the discipline he is learning from boxing and his daily spiratual rituals on the field to remain more centered.

“Mike [McCarthy] and I talked multiple times this offseason about how can we create more self-discipline, how can we eliminate the penalties, how can we create a better environment to be better. It starts with me. That’s why I’ve been putting so much into that. You’ve got to learn how to lead. You have to learn almost everything in life… I realized I need to increase my spirit, so when others are down, my spirit rises."

Micah Parsons, Dallas Morning News

Training "like a boxer" is not the only unique approach the All-Pro pass rusher has taken this offseason. In an entertaining video that made the rounds on social media earlier this month, Parsons was filmed going one-on-one with a sumo wrestler in Tokyo.

Micah Parsons went 1v1 with a sumo wrestler in Tokyo 😳 (🎥 @bleacherreport)

Posted by CBS Sports on Sunday, May 5, 2024

If Parsons returns to the team without missing a step, the Cowboys shouldn't have any issue with his unorthodox, individualized training.

After all, Parsons took a similar approach last season and recorded 64 total tackles, 18 tackles for a loss, 33 QB hits, and a career-high 14 sacks. Repeating that level of production would be welcomed by new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

Dallas will kick off its 2024 campaign on Sunday, September 8, on the road against the Cleveland Browns. Tom Brady will be making his broadcasting debut for the game on FOX.


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