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Jay Glazer: Sean Payton Considering Retirement

FOX's Jay Glazer spoke to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Monday afternoon, and gave a little bit more insight on Saints head coach Sean Payton.

The Sean Payton rumors are picking up more steam, and we got a little bit more insight from FOX's Jay Glazer on Monday afternoon. In an interview on GBag Nation on Dallas' 105.3 The Fan with Gavin Dawson, Jeff Cavanaugh, and Bryan Broaddus, Glazer spoke a bit about what he knows regarding the Saints head coach, which is that he's considering retirement.

"Sean (Payton) changes his mind every two seconds. We talk about it a lot. It's why I haven't reported anything because he changes his mind like every two minutes," Glazer said.

“But that’s also why I said two weeks ago on FOX NFL Sunday during the coaching carousel was that there could be a coach or two step away just because of these last two years of COVID, it’s taken its toll on people.”

Glazer said that Payton keeps going back and forth, that he was in Cabo the last couple of weeks, and that he has a meeting with owner Gayle Benson again in the early part of the week.

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Sean Payton - Profile
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton stands during the National Anthem with team owner Gayle Benson

Sean Payton is under contract through 2026, and a team would have to trade for him. However, that doesn't seem like it's on the table, according to Glazer. Benson was asked earlier about his future, to which she said that she didn't know and that we'll find out soon enough. Payton was also at the team facility on Monday afternoon, according to NewOrleans.Football's Nick Underhill.

Glazer added, "I only like to report things I know, for a fact, and he may change his mind five times per conversation."

So, this seems like it's a fluid situation with a lot of intrigue. Payton certainly had to overcome a lot last season coaching. The NFL's COVID protocols were strenuous enough, and then having to deal with an incredible amount of different starters during the season was certainly difficult. 

The Senior Bowl is next week, and we would assume Payton would be there alongside Mickey Loomis and Jeff Ireland at minimum. However, this week will tell us everything we need to know and answer a lot of questions regarding the team's future. Dennis Allen could be a replacement for Payton, but they'd certainly have to interview and figure out which direction to go.

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