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Saints: Takeaways from Sean Payton on Thursday

Sean Payton had a few interesting things to say during his Thursday morning press conference with the media.

Sean Payton met with the local media on Thursday morning to talk about his team and the upcoming preparations for the Buccaneers on Halloween. He had a few good nuggets he passed along regarding the Saints.

On the Bucs: "They're playing at a high level in all three areas. They've been good with the football, near the tops in the league in turnover differential. Pick an area." Payton said that the success against them in the regular season last year feels like 10 years ago. 

On the Mark Ingram trade: "Mickey (Loomis) and I talked about it in Seattle and we felt like it was worth calling, just kind of poking around. Once that momentum began, I was still somewhat skeptical, just relative to the role he was playing for them." 

Payton said that Ingram was due to arrive in New Orleans on Thursday morning, but won't be practicing until Friday. He was also asked about whether or not we'll see Ingram in the lineup on Sunday, to which he said, "Absolutely. That's a good chance. Absolutely. That's a high chance."

Payton also revealed the behind the scenes work Alvin Kamara did to help. 

"He (Ingram) can't reach out to me, and he didn't," Payton said. "But his little partner in crime did."

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"Alvin said something to me, I forget where, and I was like, 'Man, listen, buddy. You're on, like, C, and I'm on, like, M.' I said, 'So catch up, we're already down that road.'"

On David Onyemata returning: "He's one of the starters back. We're slowly getting a few of these guys back and he's a real important piece to what we do. He's in great shape. He's been training. I'm excited for him."

On Jameis Winston taking a positive approach this season: "He's certainly a glass half full guy, and Drew (Brees) was that way, and I think am to see some degree."

Payton talked about this being the first day of practice for the week with the team's schedule change. He added that he liked the fiery emotion out of Winston when talking to Tre'Quan Smith.

"As long as it's real and it happens and it's over. You know, they were trying to sort through the formation. I myself was trying to figure it out. You're in game and so you're on to the next play. Let's go and there was a 3rd Down formation where we busted a formation and busted a route, and that's really what, in essence, was going on. I think it's natural and real."

Sean Payton was asked about Marshon Lattimore going at it with D.K. Metcalf: "I think when you watch the whole game, I said this, and I got to be careful of how I word this, I didn't agree with all the calls that were made in the game. I did not think it was officiated well."

Payton added that there were some calls where you just scratch your head and doesn't bother to get in early to send those to the league office. 

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