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Saints Podcast: What's Next for New Orleans After Sean Payton?

Sean Payton decided to step down from coaching the Saints on Tuesday. After a couple of days to sit on it, what are some thoughts about where New Orleans goes from here?

The football world was certainly shocked to see Sean Payton step down from coaching the Saints on Tuesday. Now, New Orleans is in an unfamiliar spot going into the new season. They have some decisions to make, and the latest episode of BLEAV in Saints talks about this and more.

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In This Episode...

  • Big congratulations to Terrance on his recent news.
  • Terrance's thoughts on Sean Payton stepping back and what he meant.
  • The next head coach for the Saints thoughts. Is it as simple as Dennis Allen?
  • Why New Orleans is still a great destination for whoever gets the role.
  • Where the Saints must get better to compete.
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