Washington Football Team Trade-Up For QB Trey Lance: All In Favor?

Moving up from No. 19 and into the top-six or so of the NFL Draft is costly. Here are some reasons why the WFT should do it for Trey Lance.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- With the Washington Football Team reportedly in love with Trey Lance and considering a trade up to No. 4 or somewhere in that neighborhood to get him -- it's time to start taking a deeper look at the potential apple of Ron Rivera's eyes. 

Remember, they don't call him "Riverboat Ron" for no reason. 

This week - we will have several features from different angles on the North Dakota State  quarterback.

Our 'Trade Up For Trey' Game plan looks like this: 

**What the scouting analysts are saying

**Trey's Tale of the Tape 

**Why Should Washington Make this Move

**Why would they be crazy to make the move? 

**Pulse of the Fan - Should the WFT be desperate or patient.

**Trey Lance - Inside the Numbers.

This installment of our feature series is designed to make an argument for why Washington should do whatever it takes to make this move. 

That's the easy answer. Quarterbacks are incredibly hard to find and Lance fills a lot of boxes.

He's super-athletic, has a cannon for an arm, seems to be mostly accurate and worked regularly from under center, a big plus for NFL offenses. 

Some fans and analysts are always going to use the 'if you think that's your guy, do what it takes' crutch ... and there is some truth to that, if not a lot of truth. 

The argument further goes like this: There would be no pressure to play Lance immediately. He can learn from the smart Ryan Fitzpatrick and even from Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke. 

Lance would also be able to develop in practice under the watchful eye of Scott Turner and QB coach Ken Zampese as he ramps up his knowledge of the system, with again very little pressure because he would essentially be the No. 4 QB into the regular season. 

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Lance could serve as a better look for the defense on weeks that Washington is playing a mobile, strong-armed QB (Patrick Mahomes?) than the WFT had last year when they struggled in that area. 

Trading up for and drafting Lance would also provide hope, excitement and energy around the building and within the fan base. 

It would be a tantalizing unknown but provide hope for long-term excellence. 

Ron Rivera and his staff is probably viewing Lance like Andy Reid viewed Mahomes. Kansas City had Alex Smith, traded up for Mahomes and never looked back. The Chiefs stud essentially red-shirted his first NFL season under Smith until the final game of the regular season and then was ready to take over in year two. 

The arguments in favor ... do indeed exist.