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Washington War Room - Where Is Owner Dan Snyder? NFL Draft

Dan Snyder was not in the Washington Football war room on Thursday night, a further sign that he is lessening his grip on the organization.

ASHBURN, Va. -- On Thursday evening, the Washington Football Team proved they are changing the franchise for the better with another pick based off value over popularity. 

One thing that seemed to be missing from the puzzle was an important piece to the puzzle. Dan Snyder, WFT's controversial owner. 

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Sources have confirmed to WashingtonSI that Snyder was not present during the selection process, although the exact reason is not be known. One of the sources told us that Snyder completely trusts and believes in head coach Ron Rivera and his staff that he has continued to be completely hands off. 

With the selection, Rivera and first-year GM, Martin Mayhew, selected Jamin Davis, the athletic linebacker from Kentucky at the No. 19 selection.

That process is something that has been mentioned several times over the last year-and-a-half. Rivera's presence, along with Mayhew and executive Marty Hurney in football operations, plus WFT president Jason Wright and his team in business operations has limited Snyder's involvement. 

Is there communication? Of course. 

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Snyder has offered support to all parties involved but currently has been busy fighting his own legal battle both with Beth Wilkinson and the NFL along with legal filings on just about anyone that he believes crossed him and defamed his reputation.

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Snyder — as far as we know —was in the draft room last year for the selection of Rookie of the Year Chase Young. This is not because he wanted to interfere, but because the trust between coach and owner was still blossoming. 

Remember what happened in 2019, when Snyder famously 'came off the yacht,' as coach Jay Gruden sarcastically joked?

Overall, this isn't an enormous drama but it is significant to the process of WFT's future. Everyone WashingtonSI has spoken to behind the scenes continues to strongly say that Snyder has changed for the better. 

We say this: The more success Rivera and the business operations have - and are allowed to have - the better off the organization will be for the future. 

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