What Was the Meaning Behind the Eagles' Deleted 'Ya Hate to See it' Tweet?

The Eagles tweeted and then quickly deleted a message on Wednesday. Ya love to see it.
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It's time we do a little detective work.

At 11:05 a.m. ET on Wednesday, the Twitter account of the Eagles sent out a very simple, but super cryptic message: Ya hate to see it.


Ya love to see something like this from a sports account.

Unfortunately, the message was almost immediately deleted, making it so much harder to understand just what it was the folks in Philadelphia hated seeing.

But I have a few theories about what it might have been related to.

NBA free agency

Moments after the Eagles sent and deleted their tweet, it was reported Kevin Durant is declining his player option with the Warriors and will be an unrestricted free agent this summer despite tearing his Achilles in the NBA Finals. Did the somebody with access to the Eagles' account have an inside scoop and want to rub it in the face of people in The Bay?

Or maybe it was about Jimmy Butler. The 76ers' star acquisition from last season who is also hitting the open market this offseason is reportedly drawing interest from the Rockets. Philadelphia would hate to see him leave.

But it could also be about Al Horford and mocking Boston fans. The Celtics big man is going to be a free agent as well this summer and NBA Reddit is suggesting the Joel Embiid Stopper could be joining The Process, which would really crush Boston in the most painful way. The whole city would hate to C it.

Wrong Account

We saw KD do it. Maybe the person running the Eagles' account was having a rough morning and needed to fire something off to start their day. Somebody messed up their coffee order or something and in order to get some cheap retweets and likes, they fired off the generic message about themselves in hopes people would relate or quote tweet it in the future when applicable.

Sometimes you forget which account you're on when you got multiple to control.

Donald Trump

This one is a little bit spicier and might be the biggest reach of the options, but hear me out.

Everybody is talking about how badass Megan Rapinoe is for saying she is "not going to the f------ White House" no matter how the USWNT does in the World Cup and Trump caught wind of it. He sent out his own response on Twitter but initially screwed up his tweets as he is prone to do—this time it wasn't a typo, but he tagged the wrong account, which didn't even spell Rapinoe the same way.

Anyway, the Eagles havetheir own historywith Donaldand White House visits and maybe they saw this as a chance to stir the pot.

I know, this is super outlandish and ridiculous. But what if?

Either way, it's just said that we'll never truly know what the Eagles hated to see on Wednesday.