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Pressley Harvin III Almost Signed With Falcons Before Answering Steelers Call

Patience is a virtue, especially for Pittsburgh Steelers punter Pressley Harvin III.

Don't rush things during the NFL Draft. That's what Pittsburgh Steelers' seventh-round pick Pressley Harvin III learned this spring. 

The Steelers' newest punter is looking to claim a starting job in Pittsburgh, but that opportunity almost didn't happen. 

Harvin told that he nearly headed to Atlanta before realizing he wasn't making it to free agency during the draft.

"Funny story. I was on the phone with the Falcons about a free agency deal the moment I got the call," Harvin said. "I didn't realize the Steelers were on the clock. When I got the call, the head coach of the Falcons was on the phone with me and I said, coach, I hate to cut you off, but I have to take this call. I missed switching over by about three seconds. The call coming from Pittsburgh hung up. I raced to call back.

"I thought it was about free agency stuff. I said hello, and the voice on the other end said I hope you weren't on the phone making free agency deals. I didn't know it was Coach Tomlin because I never spoke to him. I was like Coach, I am not going to lie to you, I am. He said, well you don't have to worry about that. This is Mike Tomlin from the Steelers and we are going to pick you here. I was like, what. I didn't realize the draft was that far behind. It was an ecstatic moment."

Harvin thankfully didn't jump the gun and sign with the Falcons, leaving a messy situation nothing more than a good story. Now, he's waiting to head back to Heinz Field and finish competing with Jordan Berry for the punting job.

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