How Sam Cosmi Can Cure Washington Football Team’s ‘Round 2 Blues’

The Washington Football Team needs second-round pick Sam Cosmi to succeed. Not only because he's a valued pick but also because their second-round history is awful.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team is desperate for Sam Cosmi to be more than solid. 

Why? Not only do they need a quality left tackle answer long-term … but also because of where Cosmi was selected. 

They've almost had no success in the NFL Draft's second round - .in this century.

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Want a list of woe? Sure you do. A look at the “Round 2 Blues” …

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It was actually snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat that Washington did not have a second-round choice in each of the last two years, via the Montez Sweat trade with Indianapolis.

If your argument is that you would take Montez Sweat over two choices in that round over the last two years -- that's a good point. However, you have to factor Dwayne Haskins as the first-round choice in that same year, and he was a disaster.

Moving beyond that … Washington has had bad luck or bad results in that second frame of the NFL Draft for a while.

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Derrius Guice was the last selection by Bruce Allen's crew in the second round. Hmmm.. That went well.

Ryan Anderson was the pick in 2017 and he was OK but never anything special and now is gone as a free agent. He didn't fit in the WFT 4-3. Anderson played in 52 games and had 6.0 sacks.

Su'a Cravens in 2016 was a debacle. Regardless of what happened and who was at fault, and we've heard so many things on this story … Cravens lasted one season and had one interception.

Preston Smith was by far the best pick of the second round for the organization in the last 15+ years.

Here's the problem: He wasn't great and he wasn't as consistent as needed. Smith got better stopping the run but his hit-and-miss production always left the WFT wanting more.

Trent Murphy looked like he was developing into a fairly good pass-rusher in 2016 and then a slow player ripped up his knee and never came back for Washington. He's been a role player in Buffalo.

David Amerson showed some promise at times as a 2013 second-round pick but by the next year he was suspended for a game and didn't last much longer.

Much like 2019 & 2020 - there were no second-round choices in 2012 and 2010 because of bad quarterback trades for Robert Griffin III and Donovan McNabb. The same for 2009. 

The 2011 second-round pick Jarvis Jenkins tore his knee up in training camp during his rookie season and was never able to be explosive again.

Then there was the infamous triple-threat of Devin Thomas, Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly in 2008. They were expected to thrive in the offense and instead were mostly disappointments and failures.

There was more but by now you know the rest of the story. Ladell Betts, drafted in the second-round of 2002 was really the last productive pick to play for any length of time. 

It's a huge part of the reason Washington has been bad for so long. Now they have to hope their right on Cosmi and establish success in a troubling spot. … to avoid the “Round 2 Blues.”