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NFC East QBs: Where’s Washington’s Ryan Fitzpatrick Rank?

"Washington wanted to upgrade at quarterback in 2021. Fitzpatrick presents a significant upgrade at this point in his career over WFT’s 2020 QB options.'' But how "up'' is the upgrade?

Over the years of Dak Prescott's five-year NFL career, he has been at the centerpiece of a grand debate: Just how good is he?

In the NFC East in 2021, one aspect of that debate regarding the Dallas Cowboys QB may have been settled.

The gang at WashingtonWire seeks to settle a long-standing debate about just where Dak sits when ranking QBs in the division.

Oh, you know the debate. Every offseason, it seems, somebody at ESPN, for instance, creates some sort of a kooky chart with different variations of the same theme: Whether it's about Daniel Jones of the New York Giants or Carson Wentz for the Philadelphia Eagles or Dwayne Haskins for the Washington Football Team, make sure the real story is about some notable positioning of Dak.

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Now we move to 2021. Wentz is out of the division. Haskins is out of the division. There are new rivals to Prescott ... but in this ranking, nobody really "rivals'' him at all.

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At No. 4 they place Jalen Hurts of the Eagles. The reasoning? "Hurts has a chance to be special,'' the site writes. :But, for now, his experience has him at the bottom of this list, (though) there’s a good chance he won’t stay here long.''

At No. 3 it's Jones of the Giants. The reasoning? "Jones showed flashes of being a good NFL quarterback in 2020. Unfortunately for the Giants, those flashes didn’t last long, and he would finish the season with just 11 touchdowns against 10 interceptions.''

At No 2 is divisional newcomer Ryan Fitzpatrick of Washington Football Team. The reasoning: "Fitzpatrick has quietly been good in recent seasons, most recently with the Miami Dolphins. ... Washington wanted to upgrade at quarterback in 2021. Fitzpatrick presents a significant upgrade at this point in his career over WFT’s 2020 QB options.''

And at No. 1 it's Dak Prescott of the Cowboys. The reasoning? There really is no debate here; Prescott is the top quarterback in the NFC East. ... Prescott isn’t just the NFC East’s top quarterback, but he is also one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the entire NFL.''

This bit of logic won't stop the silliness. But it’s a start - pending Fitzpatrick, Jones or Hurts actually outperforming Prescott.

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