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NFL Execs Predict Washington Super Bowl Chances

Where did Washington rank in The Athletic's polling of league execs?

Who doesn't like a good rankings list? We like to pretend these things only exist during the off-season, but let's be real, they're a year-round treat. Whether it's power rankings, mock drafts (which is kind of a prospect ranking), or player Top-100 lists, we just can't get enough of ranking things. 

A couple of seasons ago there was even an "NFL press box food ranking'' going around Twitter. By the way, while I haven't been in every NFL press box, Raymond James Stadium is going to be hard to unseat at the top of the list. 

So, with the season coming up we've seen power rankings of course, but even those come in various versions. Enter Mike Sando and The Athletic who polled five NFL executives from both conferences to come up with an insider look at which teams have the best chances of celebrating a Super Bowl LVI victory. 

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The categories each team could fall into went like this: 'Super Six', 'Furious Four', 'So you're saying there's a chance', 'Drifting in the wind', 'The Might Asterisks', 'Asterisk Envy', 'Whistling past the graveyard', 'Optimistic Overhauls', and 'Draft Order Dreamers'.

Those categories are listed in order from best to worst, so you definitely don't want to be talking about draft positioning in September. 

Good news for the Washington Football Team is they don't fall into that last category. Bad news for the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, Houston Texans, and Detroit Lions is, they do.

So where did the WFT land in Sando's list aided by the assistance of NFL executives?

Right smack in the middle. Group 5, 'The Mighty Asterisks'. 

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Of the group, Sando writes, "Teams that could reach the playoffs with losing records, thanks to their division affiliation."

Not a lot of confidence in the NFC East this year. Despite broad changes on the Washington and New York Giants rosters and the return of Dak Prescott to the Dallas Cowboys, these insiders and experts still view the NFC East winner as the biggest loser of sorts.

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Bulletin board material if you ever needed it. Literally, every team in the NFC East is in this category. 

Of the WFT, Sando writes, "The potential for a top defense is there. What can Ryan Fitzpatrick produce over a full season behind a questionable offensive line?"

The questionable offensive line looked solid in limited action in the preseason. Limited being the keyword there. 

It's hard to get mad at Sando or these executives, given how little we've seen from the Washington Football Team's first-string offense. 

A problem we won't have for much longer as the team returned to practice Monday to start their final preparations to host the Los Angeles Chargers, this Sunday.