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Washington Defensive Star Chase Young: Even Better in 2021?

Reigning NFL Rookie of the Year Vows to Improve In Film Room, On Field

Washington Football Team's Chase Young set the NFL on storm as a rookie, tallying 7.5 sacks, 44 tackles and a fumble recovery touchdown last season. Despite that impressive debut, the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year sees room for improvement.

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“I feel like my biggest thing this season is coming in just 100 percent healthy, not worry about everything,” Young said. “Everybody knows I’m locked in.”

Young’s ability to understand the field of play and his natural feel for the game has impressed Washington’s coaching staff and opponents alike. As much as defensive line coach Sam Mills III was impressed by Young as a rookie, he's excited about his sequel season.

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“You could see Chase from the very first game to the last game ... really start to understand, 'Okay, this is what's going on. These are the looks I'm getting. This is how I'm gonna have to beat my opponent,’” Mills III said.

The second-year defensive end said he wants to feel more comfortable on the field this season. In doing so, play recognition is something the former Buckeye will need to continue to focus on.

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“It’s knowing pass sets. It’s knowing formations,” Mills III said. “It's knowing, 'Okay, well I'm probably going to get a double-team here, so maybe I'll work with my partner next to me.’ It's just time on task and being very familiar with situations that you're gonna encounter.”

After only one season in a burgundy and gold, Young is already making his mark as a leader of Washington’s defense. And he promises to only get better.